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Monday, June 6, 2016


Black Lives Matter Activist Convicted of "Felony Lynching": "It's More Than Ironic, It's Disgusting"

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In the same week that Lonnie Franklin Jr., the Grim Sleeper, was convicted in California, the same California Police that didn't bother to attempt to figure out why black women were disappearing in a small section of Los Angeles over 20 plus years, they used a 1933 lynching law to get a felony conviction of Black Lives Matter Advocate Jasmine "Abduallah" Richards for trying to stop police from arresting another black woman for nothing.

Apparently, a riot and violence is necessary to make this 1933 law stick

Imagine white people making a run on the jail to yank a black person out of the jail to hang that person for whatever crime they've imagined...a.k.a. lynching. That is what this law is supposed to cover.

Now imagine an argument between police officers, white or not, trying to take away a protester that Jasmine doesn't think has done anything. Maybe she's standing in their way blocking the officers. Let's imagine she did something that interfered with the arrest. That something could not resemble anything like what that law was put in place for. If she jumped up and smacked one of the police officers in the face, that is not a lynching charge.

And if she had jumped up and been violent with a police officer, if they hadn't found a reason to "be afraid for" his or her cowardly "life" then there would have been a reason to either shoot her or come up with a better charge.

Clearly, there wasn't enough violence to do anything but dig in the history books and a 1933 law to hang her with -- a lynch law. They used a lynch law to arrest a Black Lives Matter protester for trying to shield another person from being arrested.

Jasmine can get up to 4 years in jail. Please sign the Color Of Change Petition Below

"The 29 year-old lead organizer for the Pasadena Black Lives Matter chapter was found guilty of charges related to an attempt to shield a Black woman from what she believed to be unlawful detainment by Pasadena police, following a "Peace March" that she and the chapter organized.  While there are no allegations of violence and no injuries suffered, the peaceful gathering of 15-20 children, mothers, and community members was dubbed a "riot" by the prosecutor - a necessary element to the "lynching" charge.  

~ The Color Of Change

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What activist Jasmine Richards's "lynching" conviction means for the Black Lives Matter movement

Charges of Lynching, Terrorism Hurled at Black Lives Matter activists

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