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Monday, August 29, 2016


I'm going to pretend like I don't believe the source within the article on Nate Parker's disappointment in the black community because I'm going to get too nauseous if I don't.

But I have one question:

If 17 years go by
and the George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson 
make sincere tearful apologies 
about their DISTANT PAST racist "mistakes"
that resulted in death
will that be enough for the black community 
to go see a movie they've made or a book they've written 
and  help make them rich?

* * * * *
Again, Nate Turner was not found guilty but he should have been because Celestin was and Nate solicited the rape

Forget the one-on-one sex between Parker and the now dead woman.  We could he said/she said that part of the rape until the planet earth comes to its natural end. So, forget it.

This is real simple:

If I was to hire a hit man and I successfully had grandma killed, I'd be put in jail for murder even if I was 10,000 miles away and didn't pull the trigger. By the same token, if Parker waved two men into the room to have sex with an unconscious woman then he's a rapist

...because Celestin, the one he waved into the room, was convicted of rape for having sex with a woman who could not consent.

I'm not disappointed in Parker's response because, if it's true, because I expected it. Rape is a minor mistake to a lot of men, something that might not REALLY have happened -- as rape-ism is regarded in much the same way as racism by a lot of white people.

Yet, I am disappointed in half (?) the black community's response even though I expected it.

Like the author of the article below says, I was cheering so hard for this man until I heard about the rape accusation. So hard. A slave story told like "Saving Private Ryan." Yeah, everybody dies but they were all heroes. I expected to walk out of the movie theater with tears in my eyes. The boomerang effect inside me has probably made me more upset than I would have been.

Or not. I despise rapists. I despise them more when they look like normal members of society and people defend them.

Our black girls are not safe, not even here in the United States with all it's ideals having to do with freedom.