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Friday, August 5, 2016


John Crawford III 
July 29, 1992-August 5, 2014

"John Crawford was 22 years old. A father to two young sons. He went into Walmart to buy marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to make s’mores at a family cookout. While shopping, he picked up a un-packaged BB/pellet air rifle inside the store's sporting goods section.
Ronald Ritchie called 911, claiming that John was pointing the gun at people walking by. Since the security video has been released, Ritchie has recanted, stating “At no point did he shoulder the rifle and point it at somebody”.

During the police interview below, Ritchie says "The other guy kinda deserved it" referring to Crawfords death.   "

John's crime, carrying a BB gun in the store that sold the gun, in an open carry state. And Crawford wasn't even carrying the gun at the moment he died.

Let's get real, Crawford'
s crime was being Black. 

The police arrived, went directly to John and shot him twice before he even knew what was going on. The gun was being leaned on like a cane when the officers shot him.

Same as in Tamir Rice case, there was no thinking involved. Black skin, white accusation, cops shoot to kill instantly no matter what they see.

Crawford died at the hospital not long after the shooting. A stranger, Angela Williams, likely due to the stress of the shooting, collapsed in the parking lot and died of a heart attack.

And yet another Ohio grand jury decided not to indict the officers. More importantly, nobody ever indicted Ritchie.


Because white cops and a white legal system understand when other white people are scared of damn near nothing when black people are concerned.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck even suggested that maybe Brian Encinia was afraid that Sandra Bland was going to flick her cigarette at him, Bland precipitating the entire incident by being uncooperative...and giving back talk to the officer as if she is not a slave.

"Ronald Ritchie called 911 in the Beavercreak, Ohio Walmart claiming that John Crawford was brandishing a AR-15 (just like the 3 AR-15s he has at home), trying to load it and pointing it at customers—why he isn't being charged with manslaughter for lying to 911 since all Crawford actually had was a BB gun from the store's toy section. The store video shows he never pointed it at anyone, it was unloaded, and that he was actually leaning on it like a cane when officers arrived and shot him dead before he could even turn around to face or respond to them?"

Yes, I know the real reason why Ronald Tyler Ritchie isn't in jail. But I wonder what the official reason was?

I wonder what really went on in minds of prosecutors, judges etc that made the decision to let this lying sack walk after causing the deaths of two people.

The video below is a long interview. But the first few minutes make it clear Ritchie should be in jail for Crawford's death and the death of the person who died of a heart attack in the parking lot.