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Sunday, September 4, 2016


Kanye, Kobe, and Eddie with significant others PLUS Kanye's announcement

Over the weekend it came to light that Kanye West put out a casting call for "multiracial women" only.  Due to rather consistent behavior of so many high profile black men, black women know what this really means.

Viola Davis
It means no Viola-Davis-dark women need apply

It also means no Beckys should apply either.

But the biggest thing it means is that Kanye West, --who says he and his (black male?) friends likes "mutts" when it comes to women-- doesn't want to say he wants light skinned women to show up only. 

As more than one person on black twitter has pointed out, Kanye may be in for a surprise on the expecting on light-skinned girls front. Most African Americans, even the dark ones, are "mixed-race." 

And, I wish Kanye West's attitudes were isolated and unusual in black men. But they aren't.

<<<Think about the mindset that put this music art together. 

Sean Paul identifies
as being dark-skinned or black, 
so he puts a dark-skinned man in the image to the left.

Then he adds Aisha with the good hair

So can this be blamed on D-Wight people? Did they come up with the cover art? This is very specific and reflecting the current reality of what high profile black men want.

Black girls see this self-esteem damaging stuff all the time.  
Black girls see that Aisha with the light skin also has white features and good hair.  

Black girls and black female teenagers even watched  "Straight Out Of Compton" black men actually give grades to black women based on how far Aisha should be from Becky in appearance. Though Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and Ice Cube tried to place the blame elsewhere, I remember the videos they used to put out and I remember each one of the "bitches" and "hoes" they sang about too.

The list below, a variation on what Kanye has asked for, came straight from the kinky twisted heart of black men -- whether the actors wrote the list themselves or somebody else watched hundreds of hours of black male hip-hop and rap music videos and made a logical deduction. 

Black female children that are teens and even younger see what is considered pretty and desirable by black men. They see it on television, music videos and movies. And then they see the black female paper bag test in action again when they are in high school and college, live and in person.

So how is it these memes, t-shirts, and sweatshirts like the one below are aimed at black women instead of black men? 

 How is it these memes are being created as if black women are not taking their cues as to what is "attractive" from black men.

I'm just wondering.

By the way, Marcus Garvey should have known better than to lay this at the feet of black women in the moment he said it. That paperbag test  -which is attached to white features and Aisha's good hair in addition to skin color-- was ACTIVELY being used by black men who were looking to marry "beautiful" and "high class" black women. It's not an accident that so many of the women that high profile black civil rights leaders married were pale.  


If there are any kinks to be removed from the mind, black men need to start cranking out some memes that are aimed at themselves first, middle, and last because Kanye West is not some isolated moron.