Sunday, November 13, 2016


A black writer wrote about white racist motivations regarding this election
A white women
hearing the word "racist"
as an empty epithet 
instead of 
a more three dimensional word 
with deep multilayered meanings, 
wrote a comment calling for 
peace and unity 
starting with a

type comment

As I read her comment on the very next day after the election, I went off a little...


The white people that voted for Trump are not discernible from white racists enough for there to be any difference. 
If anything, black and brown people need to bare their teeth and growl their opinions at white people because being subtle and saying "This hurts us" is just so much whining to MOST OF YOU.

MOST OF YOU WHITE people voted for someone who will literally bring death and destruction down on us. Some of us are afraid to go outside this morning. Some of us are afraid of what to say to our children about lying, bullying, sexism, and bigotry if those children understood 10% of what Donald Trump said on the television as they walked by it.
If you want to lecture somebody about [peace and unity] you better go find some white people to do it to. I don't care WHO you voted for. If you don't open your mouth and beg, growl, plead or reason with people who look like you then YOU are the problem.
White folks need to clean up white folks racist bullsh** on aisle three. When black people do the lecturing and growling a whole bunch of WHITE RACISTS go deaf because they assume "BLACK PEOPLE THINK EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACE. "
If you think your kind is going pour milkshakes and crap on our heads at the Woolworth's counter AGAIN -- you are mistaken.
This time THE PEACE is 90% on you and pale yours.
Get out there and take care of people that look like you. You keep your lips flapping about peace and unity until you make some headway with people who DO NOT already think like you but DO LOOK like you.
* * * * *
I am sick to death of these irresponsible m%##$!@  f%$$#s --especially since it's clear white women hate themselves almost as much as white men [hate them.]