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Saturday, November 12, 2016


This first part has been discussed to death.

But one more time for those living under a rock lately --

excerpt from

Dear Fellow White Women: We F**ked This Up

"The exit polls from the Nov. 8 election show that 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump, compared to only 43 percent for Hillary Clinton. It appears many white women are not moved by Trump’s sexism, and instead would rather applaud the candidate for his lack of political correctness...

For many it wasn’t enough when he came for Muslims, Latinos and Black people. The real “pearl clutch” was the “grab ‘em by the pussy” moment, one that threatened all women but specifically white women. All of a sudden, everyone was appalled, and the endorsements started dropping like flies ― as if, to paraphrase Maya Angelou, he hadn’t already shown us who he was. 
And the worst part is: By the end, he had come for [us,] too."
* * * * * * *
Let's be clear. It wasn't just plain run-of-the-mill white women that screwed us all over (in addition to the very white Bernie Bros) It was intersectionism resisting white feminists and their unacknowledged racism who were out front that screwed us over.
While white women who were clearly targeted by Mean Tangerine and should have known better, I'm going to label most of these white women as ignorant, self-hating, know-nothings.
And as one black woman commented, there needs to be an internalized-misogyny class at every college in the nation, just for white women.
But I say that the biggest hypocrites crying right now are the white feminists. Because Mean Tangerine and his original gangsters could have been stopped if white feminists had been truly dedicated to intersectionality and therefore anti-racism. If white feminists were anywhere near dedicated to anti-racism they could had turned to other white women a YEAR AGO and said, "What is wrong with you racist bitches?"
If white feminists had the ability to do anything other than scream about reproductive rights of white women, maybe they could have, for example, talked to Christian white women about

1) their supposed Christianity and racism,
2) their supposed Christianity and sexism, and even
3) their supposed Christianity and hatred for gays even if they don't "believe in homosexuality" -- still not supposed to vote to crush people not like you.

Would white feminists been 100% or even 50% successful? No probably not. But quiet as it is kept? A bunch of white women Christians would never HELP someone get an abortion but a bunch of them wouldn't see it outlawed either --because they've had them or have had friends that simply could not care for a child.

Besides, somehow black feminists, a bunch of them Christian, have figured out "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" Black people, in general, have had to learn to live together regardless of what we believe. Black people,for example, have had "don't ask/don't tell" decades before Clinton implemented that in the military for LGBTQ folk. There's intolerance, sure. There's ignorance. But there isn't a concerted effort to mow people that are different within black culture into the ground.

Still using white Christian women (dedicated to whiteness more than Christianity) as an example, another thing white feminists could have talked to white Christian women about how "pro-life" ought to mean anti-death penalty. That's less of an issue now. But the point is this: Before you talk to someone else's beliefs you have to be able to respect positions and opinions other than your own
And white feminists can't do that. White feminists can't even commit to being anti-racist which is in-your-face visible every day.

If white feminists had tried to talk to white women from other "walks of life" about ALL the various forms of oppression (anti-black, anti-immigrant, homophobic, islamophobic, anti-trans) coming out of Trump's mouth maybe they had have more talking points OVER THE LAST YEAR, a hell of a lot more than abortion and "grab em by the p*ssy" Hillary Clinton might have gotten 60% of the white female vote like I thought she was gonna get.

But in order to do this white feminists have to acknowledge their OWN white racism problem.

Even within this article, as it tries to acknowledge the lack of progress in white feminists' intersectionality there is a extreme lack of awareness.
After all the supposed progress we’ve made, painstakingly trying to change a white feminist movement into an intersectional one (and for that we have only the hard work of women of color to thank), white women didn’t show up to fight back against a man whose rhetoric and policies directly attack women of colorimmigrant womenMuslim womenLGBTQ women and more.

The writer acknowledges there's been just about zero work by white feminists to join other feminists. But this only acknowledges neglect. And it's bigger than that. Much. White feminists are just as actively committed to being willfully ignorant and racist as other white women A few days ago white feminists called on all women to wear white while voting in order to acknowledge one of the earliest white feminists like those in England and those in the U.S. like Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Frances Willard some of whom were racist and others of whom moved deep into anti-blackness territory. In the late 19th century an early 20th century, at the expense of black women, these suffragists (early feminists) were always trying to court southern white women into their women's movement instead of working on anti-lynching. Early white feminists from the north courted southern white women who would have slavery reinstated if they could while some of them bragged about being from families that were abolitionists during the Civil War. When women of color call white feminists on this hypocrisy, revisionist history, e-racing of racism crap in the here and now, they tend to say the same things that Mean Tangerine does about his own sexism and racism,
"Well that was a long time ago"

with a side helping of

"That's just the way it was back then."

The minimization of white racism by white society is always happening simultaneously with a minimization of white racism in each individual white soul. And this same minimization of white racism within made it impossible for white feminists to call other white women out on their racism A YEAR AGO.

With ethnoracism alone white feminists would have had three to four times as much evidence that Mean Tangerine is a lowlife when talking to other white women about how they should vote. If only white feminists took other oppressions seriously too.

Racism and sexism walk hand in hand within white society. They are locked together too often to try and separate them. If white feminists had made a true attempt to understand white racism, its motivations, and how racism is denied within the self and inside white others, Hillary might be president right now.

But ENOUGH with the Becky deflections already.

People of color already knew white women always side with white men when it counts. We've always known who Becky is. People of color KNEW we had to jump white men and white women as united white supremacy front. I thought we'd only get 33% of white people to stand against white supremacy and its associated patriarchy. But color me surprised, the white vote was 3 or 4% higher than my estimate (I expected white men to go for Trump in a stronger way.)
So what the hell happened to the POC Coalition that was supposed to be the vast majority of voters blocking Mean Tangerine?
And why is it always the women of color that are always leading the anti-racism defense, politically speaking?
More later.