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Sunday, November 6, 2016


Political analyst Jason Johnson gives you three simple rules for being a good poll watcher of American elections.

It's The State Polls 


National Polls 

that Matter

The US presidential election is a two-tiered system; therefore the polls that you pay attention to vary greatly in importance. There are polls for the national popular vote, which is how many Americans vote for a particular major party presidential candidate - in this case either Donald Trump, the Republican, or Hillary Clinton, the Democrat.
Then there is the electoral college, which is essentially a points system whereby the presidential candidates earn a certain amount of points for every state where they win that state's particular popular vote. Electoral college votes are based on the state's population, so for example California has 55 electoral votes while Virginia only has 13. 

Below, you can see which states went hard for the democratic nominee (President Obama), sort of leaned into the democrat, and just barely moved into President Obama's column for the win.

The states that just barely went for President Obama are likely "swing states" this time around. These are the states the current democratic nominee must win if we don't want to see Ronald Reagan, the hella more intense sequel.