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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Democrats from President Obama on down are blaming their 2016 debacle in part on too much “identity politics” — messaging aimed not at voters broadly, but at Latinos, women, African Americans and the LGBT community as groups.

The one group Democrats did not target were their old mainstays, non-college-educated whites (especially the males of that species), who responded by giving Donald Trump a margin of 39 pointsover Hillary Clinton, while voters of color failed to vote for her in the expected numbers.

According to much newly minted conventional wisdom, Democrats can and should win back downscale whites by cranking up economic populism, without losing minorities, women and other key components of their coalition.

TRANSLATION.: We need to stop talking to non-white people, non heterosexual people, Muslims and pretend to be colorblind like whites want and talk about money.


REALITY: The reason Trump won is because he understands what most black folks above the age of 40 have understood for decades. And what Trump understood that democrats still don't is exactly how bone deep white supremacy is.

President Obama, who was raised by white people, and the rest of the democrats refuse to believe that white people voted for Trump BECAUSE of his anti-anything not white, heterosexual, and male. A lot of white people are claiming they voted for him in spite of the white supremacy, but they are trying to save face. .

You cannot be a moral person and vote for somebody that spouts hatred. Even white evangelical leaders know that which is why some of them are so baffled by the vast majority of lay Christians who voted their whiteness instead of their Christianity. 

By the way, there's no way a rational person could believe Trump is a Christian. He's can't pronounce books of the bible correctly and he flat out said he's never asked Jesus for forgiveness. Even people who have never had a bible in their hands know that White Christians are voting their whiteness instead of their Christianity.  

The only moral choice that white Christians had in this election IF they absolutely could not vote for Hillary due to her stance on abortion, for example, was to NOT VOTE. To vote for Trump was to vote for children already born to die and grown people too.

Bigotry kills. White supremacists who don't know they are white supremacists do not admit that to themselves UNLESS they see somebody with a pillow case on their head screaming the word n*gger as they kill a black person.

So, if some white evangelical leaders can admit that most white evangelicals voted their whiteness instead of their Christianity, why can't the leaders of the democratic party admit that Patriarchal Ethnoracism and Xenophobia in white people is the problem that must be overcome. 

Instead, what the democrats are doing is responding to the change in the wind. Again. Trump has brought a white supremacy wind into the country that's going to blow for longer than four years. And the Democrats are trying to find a way to turn into it by saying, "We don't like identity politics either" Democrats are announcing that they are going to turn toward colorblindness. 

Colorblind claims in regards to race have already been identified as a form of racism that is called "Colorblind Racism."  I don't know what you'd call LGBT blindness, Immigrant blindness, and Muslim blindness but that's coming too. 

What happened in this election had nothing to do with being "working class." If it did black and brown working class would have voted for Trump. They didn't. Black folks voted against Trump to the tune of 88%  The dominant white culture via television, internet, billboards, and magazines are using this "white working class" identity to con themselves into believing that white supremacy was not what drove this election.

Trump understood exactly how bond whiteness is to white supremacy, just like blacks of a certain age do. And he knew how to make the white supremacy grow and flower. Trump got a bunch of different looking groups of white people together,.

And now the democrats want to be able to do the same thing so they can win next time. 

Trump has a created a new wind in this country. And that wind is whispering "White Supremacy" Anybody who is not white, male, married to a white male, Christian, or Atheist  is not  even safe from weather vane politicians now. 

As far as I'm concerned, the democrats and Bernie Sanders -- who is so clueless about race and identity that he thinks blacks, browns, women etc are stupid for falling for tokenism -- are using "identity politics" label as code to lean into white supremacy without calling it "white supremacy" Then think winning white people over (without address white supremacy dreams of grandeur) is what it's going to take to win. And they're right. The white democrats know they cannot put together a solid POC vote like Obama did.

Therefore they need white people that they have no intention of insulting -- but NEED insulting.

So now the white dominated democrats,are going to lean away from the Obama wind that was blowing. They are going to lean away from being multi-cultural, lean away from speaking to each demographic's different issues. Again, the most important issue white democrats are going to lean away from is problem of unidentified white supremacy desires in nearly 2/3rds of white people.  

If POCs, LGBTQ, MUSLIMS, and IMMIGRANTS cannot pull the democratic party out of the white wind that Trump has created, then it's time for a new political party led by people of color. We need to create a party and let it be tiny through 3 or 4 election cycles without giving up hope and give it time to grow gradually.

I don't see another answer. If the democrats don't start addressing whiteness and white supremacy now, there's no hope of a fraction of white people taking a look inside and see what's going on within. I can't even pretend to think that Trumps horrendous choices for his transition are going to wake people up. 

Scared powerful people are dangerous people. We have to find a new political way to jump 2/3rds of the white population. If we don't, the next few decades will see us slide backward dramatically before we move forward again.