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Thursday, January 12, 2017


Forgiveness is never earned. I know that. It's a gift. But it's a gift you consider giving to someone AFTER they've wronged you not WHILE they are CURRENTLY wronging you WHILE ALSO denying that their actions are deadly.

And they don't deserve our empathy either. The time for empathy and sympathy from the oppressed for the oppressor came and went with the Civil Rights Movement. And the majority of the white population didn't deserve our patience back then.

With all the information and patience made available to white people about the wages of whiteness in 1950s and 1960s, much less all the information white people have now? There is no excuse for "accidentally" voting for a poor people hating, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic ethnoracist EXCEPT that you like Trump's patriarchal Make America White Again rhetoric.

White people like to pretend that you have to feel hate to feel superior to someone. Well I have news for you? I've felt superior to other people at least one or two times in my life. It felt good. I didn't feel any bad ole hate in there. I felt sorry for person X becaue they weren't as good as me. Then I felt even BETTER about myself for being a sympathetic person. 

The how superiority generally works. And it multiplies on itself inside a soul if you don't EVER think of self-examination.

(Pssst! That's what Christianity is supposed to be about. Self-reflection and reflection on your relationship with God. No other-reflection, determining how everybody else on the planet should believe everything I believe and act accordingly is not the point of Christianity -- unless it's white Christianity. The vast majority of white people cannot separate whiteness from one doggone thing. Somewhere near 81% of white evangelicals voted for Trump)

The "white working class" and their economic angst is a smoke screen. White people on the left and right redefined "working class" the day after the election to hide the white supremacy motivations of 57% of white voters.

People like Bernie Sanders are calling for an end to "identity politics" which is no more than the political version of "we're all one race the human race."  And I expect no more from him because he moved to the whitest state in the nation right after his participation in The Civil Rights Movement. 

But we have to demand more from the white people who DID NOT vote for Trump.

And one of the first things we have to demand, especially from the main stream press, is that they STOP trying to throw up a smoke screen in front of the damn near 60% of all white people (represented by nearly 60% of white voters) who find white supremacy appealing.

Step one is telling white people on the left and on the right: "No, You won't be getting any empathy or sympathy for fearful white people who are lying about their economic anxiety. And they have to be lying because black and brown (authentically) working class people would have ignored the ethnoracism coming out of the white candidate's mouth AS USUALand voted for The Deranged Cheeto. Black and brown people vote to protect their jobs and paychecks just like everybody else. Black voters did not vote for Trump to the tune of 88% because "working class" was not Trump's appeal.

Patriarchal white supremacy was Trump's only true appeal -- that's why white people from all walks of life voted for him.


Yes, Donald Trump’s voters may be confused and in pain — but no, they don’t deserve our empathy

Some Trump voters may well feel traumatized by historic and economic change. But that's no reason to forgive them

On a philosophical level, pleas for empathy towards Donald Trump’s voters must be weighed according to how they address basic questions of privilege, respect and human dignity. Let me explain.
Trump has promised to expand an even more violent, predatory and unconstitutional police state against blacks and Latinos in the interest of being “tough on crime.” Trump has also said that he would deport millions “illegal aliens” (code for undocumented laborers from Mexico and other Latin America nations, a group he considers to be natural rapists and murderers). The incoming president and his advisers have also praised the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II — a human rights crime for which the government has since apologized and paid reparations. During the campaign, Trump suggested banning Muslims from the United States, and while he appears to have backed away from that proposal, he supports creating a kind of “enemies list” for Muslim immigrants who already live here.
These actions would imperil the safety and security of many millions of people. They are also a violation of basic human dignity and civil rights. Donald Trump’s voters support such policies, explicitly or otherwise, and are responsible for electing the candidate who made such threats the foundation of his campaign. To ask the future or present victims of Donald Trump to empathize with his supporters is morally perverse"

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