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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Richard Collins' Murderer, Mike Brown's Murderer, CINOs, MINOs, and Trump's Losers Have Much In Common

They're all men.

Yeah, most of the men identified in the title may have ethnoracism problems but the core problem they have in common is that 

these are all men 

who have to prove they are men 
because they fear that 

they aren't really men.

What if we can't stop the carnage happening all over the world if we don't understand all the pieces of what makes these men tick then sometimes explode?

What if we can't stop the senseless deaths of hundreds, thousands, and even millions if we don't understand the patriarchy as well as we understand the ethnoracsim?



1) Men compete with women and in their own minds they are superior.  
2) Some men compete with other men and some are deemed winners while others are deemed losers; 
3) The "loser" men who agree that see themselves as failing at masculinity because they can not compete with other men or always feel like they are reigning supreme over women sometimes become violent in order to trump women who appear to be winning and/or men that appear to be superior.

Patriarchy as male supremacist competition explains:

1) War
2) Rapists
3) Child Molesters
5) White Mass Shooters*
6) White Serial Killers*
7) Black on Black Crime
8) Domestic Violence
4) MINO* Terrorists (Muslim In Name Only)
9) White Cops Seeking To Murder Black Men
10)White CINO based Hate Groups like KKK and Alt-Right

You may notice that white men are heavily represented in this list. This is because white men are on top of the food chain in this country and they have feelings of entitlement that are much larger than other groups. 

That is, white men who think their masculinity is in question have a lot to gain by setting up competitions anywhere they go. And you do have to have competitions going on in your head in order to keep repeatedly proving to yourself that you are a superior individual or part of a superior collective.

White men and women believe, without wanting to admit it, that a quasi-decent amount of white male effort in any particular direction should get white men (and the white women they financially support) exactly what they want.

And this is "a white privilege" that's mostly true in the United States.  But life isn't always fair, not even for white men.
So when things don't go a white male's way --especially a young white male trying to compete his way into proving he is a man --there can be an explosive anger at the perceived injustice of it all.

Other male groups can and do get violent too.  But other groups of men don't have the expectations of success born in a believe in white superiority.

When you add that expectation of relatively easy success to a white male sense of entitlement that winds up being thwarted, you get explosive anger within U.S. gun culture.   
Some "loser" white men will do things like vote for a verbally violent Donald Trump, a symbol of white male winning because he's rich and people believe Trump's claims that he "won" that money through good competitive business sense instead of inheriting so much money from his father he can afford to go bankrupt 4 to 6 times and still be rich.   
But when you add a teeny tiny bit of emotional imbalance to the white man who's failing to compete his way into winning his own masculinity inside gun culture, then you get white mass shooters.

When men feel like they are not conquering the world, not competing and winning like other men say they are supposed to win, men can become dangerous in almost any setting.

Domestic Violence becomes a place where men can win against women if he feels like he's losing everywhere else.  
This is why when economic downturns come and men lose jobs, domestic violence rates always increase -- no matter what country you're in.

And this is a major problem for the black community, because black men face a lot of joblessness without any economic downturn at all. The poverty rate is 2 to 3 times that of white people most of the time. 

White-on-white Crime is every bit as intraracial as Black-On-Black Crime. However, a much larger percentage of the black males execute violence against one another as compared to white males in the white community.  
This is because Black males too are a mental and emotional victims of a patriarchy says that men are supposed to conquer the world enough (compete with other men for jobs and win) to become the bread winner (compete with women in the household, higher earnings justify the man being the boss in the house)  
When black men fail to compete at this end of patriarchy --due to racist oppression-- they turn to other ways of winning.  Beating women (and children) is one of the ways of competing and winning --same as it is for white men.    
 The other thing that happens when black men are poor and feeling powerless is that inside the alternative economies (sometimes illegal economies) they create in order to earn money, a toxic masculinity starts being played out --especially among young men. 
I won't judge SOME men for doing what they have to do to put food on the table when there aren't "regular jobs" to be had post white-flight from the cities. But the more violent aspects of these "alternative economies" such as drug dealing is the power struggle between differing groups of black men with guns over turf are more about competing in order to prove masculinity.     
In fact, the foot soldiers among drug dealers risk death in order to earn so little money, that the only true attraction to drug dealing as an alternative economy is probably carrying a gun, being tougher than the next guy,
The foot soldiers among drug dealers in the poor black communities probably have a lot in common with white gun nuts that support the National Rifle Association, year after year after year despite guns killing more people in their own homes than would-be thieves and burglars.

The gun is so strong a symbol of masculinity (competitiveness in patriarchy) that not even the deaths of 26 people, mostly white school children at Sandy Hook, could get the entire country behind keeping guns away from the mentally ill.

Using guns to win the competitions necessary to prove yourself a man, brings us to the doorstep of the worst of white cops too

White cops kill black men and black women both. And it seems obvious to most black people (and concerned others) that black men get killed by police a lot more often than black women.

But I'm not always so sure the "a lot more often" part is true.  Black women's deaths are ignored a lot. And I'm not sure how much.
What happens between black men and white men has been counted as the most important thing about white supremacy for a long time. 

The classic books, THE SOULS OF BLACK FOLK by W E B DuBois and THE FIRE NEXT TIME, by James Baldwin are both masterpieces in some ways. But these books written 60 years apart make obvious the black attitude that eradicating white racism is all about the well being of black men  -- in very much the same way that feminism is always being put forth as being all about the well being of white women.  
Yet it's not just men that perpetuate patriarchy. Women, of all races, are just as dedicated to promoting male supremacy through competition -- to the detriment of their sons and daughters 
The contemporary presence of female-headed house holds has led many people to assume that children in these households are not learning patriarchal values because no male is present. They assume that men are the sole teachers of patriarchal thinking. 
Yet many female-headed households endorse and promote patriarchal thinking with far greater passion than two-parent households.  
Because they do not have an experiential reality to challenge false fantasies of gender roles, women in such households are far more likely to idealize the patriarchal male role and patriarchal men than are women who live with patriarchal men every day. 
We need to highlight the role women play in perpetuating and sustaining patriarchal culture so that we will recognize patriarchy as a system women and men support equally, even if men receive more rewards from that system.  
Dismantling and changing patriarchal culture is work that men and women must do together.  
~ bell hooks
Black people cannot afford the double burden of white supremacy tearing at us from the outside while male supremacy tears at us from within.

With all this in mind, let me say I understand that black men die at the hands of white police a lot more violently. There is no question about this in my mind about the violence. Competitiveness aimed at achieving masculinity automatically brings violence.

But black women are so discounted that when they DO DIE VIOLENTLY TOO, that I often don't hear about a black women dying at the hands of police for weeks or months after it happens (Yvette Smith). So I wonder how many black women die less violent, less spectacular deaths at the hands of white police without me every hearing about it at all.   
Sometimes when I hear about a black woman's death at hands of police, it's not immediately seen as being relevant to the BLACK LIVES MATTER push back because there's not enough black community interest to investigate what happened to a black woman.   
  • For example: Miriam Carey's murder by police was twisted into a terrorist attempt in Washington D.C. Dozens of members of our predominantly white congress actually stood up and applauded her death based on the lie that D.C. law enforcement saved them from a terrorist 
  • Carey went into the wrong parking lot, made  U-turn and tried to leave. Then some strange white man fell across her hood with what looks like a beer cooler while she had a baby in the backseat. 
  • She sped away -- not nearly as fast as police said she did-- and they riddled her car with bullets with the baby in the back).
There weren't many protests, even after we knew the truth of Miriam Carey's death, because we in the black community have the well established mental habit of believing what happens to black men at the hands of white men is of the utmost importance to the black community -- to the near exclusion of everything else. 
That is, there was a patriarchal competition set up by black people about what's important in the black community and black women lost.  
BLACK LIVES MATTER was started by three feminist black women yet SAY HER NAME had to be created to add black women back to the picture of how white racist cops kill black women too.  Sandra Bland dying as SAY HER NAME reached its peak is likely the only reason we know Sandra Bland's name. But I'll bet we don't know about dozens if not hundreds of other black women that die in prison like Natasha McKenna.

Even so, I don't have very much doubt that white police kill a lot more unarmed black men than unarmed black women --especially if you talk about black men dying by gunfire only. More than that, I have zero doubts that the white police are a lot more violent when they kill unarmed black men.  

It seems to me that there almost has to be more of a competitive thrill when white men to kill black men. A white police officer just isn't going to get the same adrenaline rush of proven-masculinity from killing a black woman. In fact, if the story can't be managed as well if a black woman is killed; a white cop's masculinity might even take a hit if the black woman's is seen as a sympathetic figure.  

When white men kill black men, due to male superiority as competition not only is there the hate of racism, there is the dark joy white men get from winning the patriarchy.

That's why there some of our well-known examples of white cops killing unarmed black men started out as a penis measuring contests: 

Did Officer Michael Slager prove to himself that he was the more masculine one when Walter Scott started running away?  Was Slager even more sure of his competition based masculinity when he shot Scott in the back? Look at the video of  Slager shooting Scott, if you can stand it. Look at the cavalier stance of this white cop. His body language, his swagger screams, "I'm winning." 

When things go sideways in an interracial "my penis is bigger than yours" interaction, white men believe their own lies about how black men and become afraid.

To me, this describes how Mike Brown died --if you believe Brown's friend, the black man Darren Wilson's bullets missed. And I do believe Dorian Johnson's story about the car door...