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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Virtually Unrecognizable Story of MIRIAM CAREY

Baby in the back seat, a black woman drove through a security checkpoint near the White House much like a check point I walked through last year, not realizing what it was. There's no gate or anything to block you. 

Apparently a capitol policeman stepped out of a Kiosk and yelled at her to stop. I don't know if she was already passed him or what, but instead of stopping she made a U-turn to come back. (So far so good. I have big blind spots in my car. I am U-queen.)

So she's coming back to leave this area she's not supposed to be in. And this white man in black t-shirt with shorts, moves a huge bicycle rack, in front of her car to block her in. Joe no-name, no-uniform is also carrying what's been described as a beer cooler or an over-sized lunch cooler in his hands.

Miriam and The Catalyst

So the woman tries to go around him. Then Joe-strange-dude, in a black t-shirt and shorts, doing strange things, maneuvers himself, the giant bike rack, along with the beer(?) cooler into her path again. And I think this is the point at which she makes a stronger effort to get away. He winds up rolling off the front of the car.

Somehow a very short car chase begins involving capital police and the secret service. It seems that more than one officer and/or agent have to jump out of her way to avoid being hit

Forty-five minutes or so later, the black woman is dead, having been shot at 26 times with the 13 month old in the backseat. She is dead having been struck 5 times  


This nationally covered story doesn't sound terribly familiar does it? It shouldn't.  These are the October 2013 headlines associated with Miriam Carey's Death

"Attempt to Ram White House Gate Ends With Conn. Woman Dead." (ABC)

"Woman Who Tried to Ram Car Through White House Barrier Had Delusions About President Obama."
(A Cleavland News Outlet)

"Woman Killed After Trying to Ram White House Barrier Buried in N.Y." (Reuters)

The "White House Barrier" or "White House Gate"  that she rammed?
That was actually a bicycle rack that she likely tapped.

The aggressive white guy with the beer(?) cooler and bike rack?

That was an off-duty secret service agent, in t-shirt and shorts. 

That half-destroyed police car you've seen in some newspaper photographs?

Her Infinity was not the car that hit that police car as implied.

Again, it doesn't appear that she "rammed" the bicycle rack.  Supposedly there are pictures of white guy in black shirt and shorts somewhere near the scene of Carey's death. That would tend to mean he got up and walked away rather than taken away in an ambulance after having been "rammed" by a vehicle weighing a few thousand pounds.

The police report said her speed was 40 to 80 (in an area I can't see that happening) Washington post calculated her speed at 20mph. But there could be a logic explanation for the discrepancy if she stopped more than once

Miriam Carey's post-partum depression, blamed for her behavior after the main stream media stopped calling her a terrorist out to get Presidnt Obama, does not appear to have been confirmed by a professional.

Apparently post-partum depression idea was accidentally introduced into the mix by the family when reporters asked about Miriam's mental state. Where some of the specifics reported on her post-partum depression came from, since she hadn't been professionally diagnosed, is unknown.

Carey did do a few things that are rather inexplicable in my mind, if true. More than one officer reportedly had to jump out of her way. We must assume that at least one of them was in uniform, mustn't we? But I'm trying to imagine how jerky my car responses might be if six or seven people have their guns aimed at me while I have a child in the back seat.

I am also trying to imagine how it is that the two drunk secret service agents who actually did run into a real White House barrier onto a crime scene with an object reported to be a bomb did not get shot.

I am also trying to figure out why the family hasn't been told exactly who shot Miriam, why the tapes of the police calls haven't been turned over to the family, and how this story got so twisted in the news.

The House Of Representatives actually gave capitol police and secret service a standing ovation for saving them from this "terrorist" who turned out to be a confused mom that blew by a kiosk where the man acting as security "guard" was doing who knows what (with his buddy in the black t-shirt?) when Miriam got passed him .