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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Feeling  Rebloggy 
The water has been inching closer to Rita Falgout’s house, lapping at the edges of her front yard. Her home is one of 29 in Isle de Jean Charles, a narrow island in the bayous of southeastern Louisiana that is slowly sinking into the Gulf of Mexico. The island, home to members of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw and the United Houma Nation tribes, is reached by a lone road that passes through the marshland with water on either side. Since 1955, the island has lost 98% of its land.
“Now there’s just a little strip of land left,” Falgout, 81, tells Quartz. “That’s all we have. There’s water all around us.” She’s one of just 100 people who lives in Isle de Jean Charles. Few outside know or care what’s going on there. “I’m anxious to go,” she says.

Who's going to pay for the move?

And if the government pays, then who gets to move first?

Like I said before, the one-percenters THINK they can move away from ALL the effects of climate change. Regardless of what you believe is causing climate change, polluting the planet cannot be making it anything but worse.  We need to push back against Trump and his cronies because human beings (the one percenters in the lead) can kill this planet or making it unlivable 

New study links Oklahoma earthquakes to fracking 

from 2014

More than once I've read that the killing the wetlands, that grassy, swamp like area between New Orleans and the ocean is why Hurricane Katrina was so devastating to the land mass. The wetlands were a natural barrier to hurricanes in addition to the levees. Putting natural gas pipelines through them and the levees themselves have killed some of that barrier.

Wetlands along the southern coastlines of the United States serve as natural speed bumps to approaching hurricanes by starving them of warm ocean water and creating physical barriers to surging flood waters. However, in the last 100 years, the construction of levees and canals has turned thousands of square miles of wetland habitat into open water. This video from NOVA scienceNOW explores the importance of these critical habitats and examines the damage Hurricane Katrina caused to one stretch of Louisiana wetland. 
The devastating effects of Hurricane Katriana might represent environmental racism or environmental classism or both

Hawaii is one of the few states on the right track. A few days ago, it became the first state in the United States to sign on to follow Paris Climate Accord