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Thursday, July 20, 2017



Feeling Rebloggy
President Trump’s demolition project just got shut down, at least for now.
Determined to dismantle his predecessor’s legacy, Mr. Trump in the space of a couple of hours this week reluctantly agreed to preserve President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and failed in his effort to repeal Mr. Obama’s health care program.
The back-to-back events highlighted the challenge for a career developer whose main goal since taking office six months ago has been to raze what he sees as the poorly constructed edifices he inherited. Mr. Trump has gone a long way toward that objective through executive action, but now faces the reality that Mr. Obama’s most prominent domestic and international accomplishments remain intact.

In neither case has Mr. Trump given up. He instructed his national security team to keep rethinking the approach to Iran with a view toward either revising or scrapping the nuclear agreement. And by the end of the day he was vowing to let Mr. Obama’s health care program collapse.
“We will return!” Mr. Trump tweeted Tuesday morning about the collapse of his health care effort.
Yet there is little appetite among the United States’ partners to revisit the Iran deal, nor is there much eagerness among lawmakers to cancel the existing health care program without a new system to install in its stead...

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I feel like I need to say this every single day: 

"It's the racism, Stupid"

White racism, the ultra-simple-minded version, is why Mean Tangerine is obsessed with undoing everything Obama did. And this nitwit doesn't even bother to understand what it is he's trying to undo.

It doesn't make a difference if killing healthcare without a replacement makes no sense and 32 million more people will wind up without healthcare by 2026  --again, not 22 million but 32 million will be without insurance if the republicans go forward with REPEAL and NO-REPLACE

And there's no reason to have faith in that the future "replacement" will ever come to pass. If the republicans couldn't get anything done in 7 years, they can't get anything done in 2 -- which is when they'd want to Obamacare to wind down

Mean Tangerine even made himself look like a fool on the world stage with the Paris Climate Accord ....when the accord really doesn't have any teeth. It's a commitment to NOT ruin the air and water and put goals i place....just put some goals in place. Zero punishment for failure.

But the optics of pulling away from climate change? 

Somebody should tell Chump that that was actually important -- more important than doing the opposite of what President Obama did.

And he's also trying to undo President Obama's negotiation with Iran --when he didn't understand it in the first place--  so he can threaten Iran and saber-rattle ineffectively...same as he's doing with North Korea. 

The only logic behind it all is UNDO EVERY SINGLE THING the black president before me did.  I really think it's that simple in most cases --especially Paris Climate Accord and Iran. With the healthcare, he's trying to get his own money back in the form of taxes too.

But I'll bet even money comes second to undoing everything Obama