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Friday, May 1, 2015




In case you've been living under a rock. It's been announced that six police officers have finally been arrested; three white and three black. But before we get into how all of this has "nothing to do with race anymore," let us review Baltimore Uprising Blame Game.

Excuses were/are as follows:

1) There were "riots" in Baltimore because Obama has made race relations worse

He sure has. Being black while in the White House has made some white folk go apes**t from the Tea Party on down to Bubba in the backwoods.

2) There were "riots" in Baltimore because black people don't parent their children. If black people would parent their kids like Baltimore Mom Slap-Em-Upside-The-Head, the Freddy Grays of this world wouldn't be having all these police problems. It has nothing to do with race.

For Harriet said,"Freddie Gray's spine wasn't severed because he didn't have a mom to slap him in the street. Police brutality is not about what WE do." (Throws down the mike) Click here to read more.

3) There were "riots" in Baltimore because Freddie committed a crime. If he hadn't been committing a crime, he wouldn't have gotten hurt

Turns out, he wasn't. Eye contact and pocket knife are not against the law. During the days of slavery? Maybe. Now? Not so much. This is why officers were charged with false imprisonment.

4)There were "riots" in Baltimore because Freddie broke his own neck on purpose and people thought it was a race thing. Blacks think everything is about  race, ya know.

This was spin on something a co-prisoner in the van said, from somebody about to be locked up. Gee, wonder why he'd lie? (sarcasm)

5) There were "riots" in Baltimore because Freddie just had spine surgery and people thought it was a race thing.  His neck virtually broke on it's own

Bold faced lie?  Where did this come from?

There were "riots" in Baltimore but they were NEVER about race. They can't have been. Of the six officers were arrested, half of them were black. See the riots were about race and it's not about race at all.

Anybody who has seen a Spike Lee movie knows that some black folks have been drinking the Jim Jones Coolie-aid for a while now. Even if you've never seen the black police officer in "Do The Right Thing" snarling in the hood, you have to have seen Herman Cain and Ben Carson in action. And if you're not politically aware either, then surely you've heard-tell-of or seen Uncle Ruckus in action in a cartoon.

All these examples are meant to provide evidence of the fact that your skin doesn't have to be white to practice white supremacy --in or out of a police uniform. Therefore, it should be clear that the hesitancy to charge a police officer with a crime when the dead, unarmed person is black is very often related to race but not necessarily to the race of the murderer --in or out of a police uniform.

It has been known for a while that the length of sentence that a criminal gets is not dependent on the race of the criminal. It is the race of the victim that counts.

Black on black crime? Perp will be back out on the street in minutes if the victim is black.
(Check FBI UCR Data)

Victim a black female or a child? Seconds. 

(Check FBI UCR Data)
White on white crime (which occurs at the same rate as black on black crime) The white perp will be in jail forever if the victim is a white and male, both.
(Check FBI UCR Data)

And by the way? The death of a child doesn't matter much in the U.S. either unless it makes the evening news more than once. That's why the same parent is free to beat and beat and beat a child until x percentage of them die.  (Check FBI UCR Data)

It is the status of the victim that determines how much time you get. And in case you haven't been paying attention, if a person is black? The murderer might not be charged at all, especially if the perpetrator is a cop and a white cop at that. (Check out "Don't Believe The Hype" - Click here)

But those who are call themselves colorblind (actually racism blind) need not concern themselves with black people who act out white supremacy just yet. Because the Baltimore murder of Freddie Gray might turn out to be the easier to understand vanilla version of white supremacy racism instead of Rocky Road white supremacy racism. Because right now I see a limp Freddie Gray between the white half of the six officers. And from what I've heard so far? Two out of those three made the initial illegal arrest.  

And you know what else?

I am truly suspicious of the prosecutor mentioning the lack of seat-belt per the rules more than once That sounds like a technical violation to hang your hat on. Her description of what happened sounds to me like Freddie was unconscious because he didn't get his inhaler. And since I'm pretty sure that a van driven at normal speed would NOT break MY neck if I was conscious...even if I had been put in the van head first and shackled by my feet, I'll be surprised if he wasn't losing consciousness when they put him in the van the first time.

Of course I've never been shackled by my feet and put in a van, but the back of that van doesn't sound half as exciting as riding Batman Ride at 6 flags 9 times in a row. And while my neck muscles pretty much went out after trip 8, my neck is still intact.

I could be wrong. But I need to see a re-enactment to believe a conscious person gets their neck 80% severed and larynx crush by the absence of a seat belt because....

I'm pretty sure these charges, based on technicalities, were brought in order to:

1) End the Baltimore Uprising,

2) Distance what happened from...

-white supremacy,
-and the dead, unarmed, black body count
3) and to make sure none of these officers see real prison time.

Get ready.

Other than the illegal arrest, these charges sound kinda stupid. I didn't hear anything about a deliberate beating but I did see Freddie Gray's face etched in pain before he was put in the van. Furthermore, the depraved indifference (whatever they're calling it) has to be aimed at the one person in charge instead of all six, doesn't it? All six of them couldn't have been decision makers as far as deciding to go directly to a hospital. The police almost have to be quasi-military to function, right?

So,who was in charge at each location?

Who decide on the initial arrest?

Who decided to deprive Freddie the inhaler?

Was the inhaler available?

Who was in charge when they shackled him by his feet and put him in head first?

The charges seem designed to dance around all of these questions. (Mumbling: Seat belt b*llsh*t) I'll be shocked if somebody goes to jail for this. Shocked. I hope I'm wrong, but we've already seen this two step where the charges don't match the crime with Rekia Boyd (read more on Rekia's court case)

We'll see.