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Thursday, June 16, 2016


Caesar Goodson is the third person to be on trial for Freddie Gray's death. The prosecution has rested today after some fairly damning testimony.
"[Angelique] Herbert was the responding medic to the scene and described her arrival in detail during testimony. She said the first words she uttered to officers transporting Gray were: “What the f--- did you guys do?”
“His eyes were open, but he didn’t respond. His eyes didn’t blink,” Herbert recalled of Gray. “I went over, put my hand on his chest and (it) didn’t move…I said to my partner, ‘I don’t think he’s breathing.’” ...She said when she touched his neck it “wasn’t in line and felt crumbly like a bag of rocks.” "
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Goodson was driving the van when Freddie Gray died. Therefore he is facing the most serious charges in the prosecutors "The Van Did It" theory of Gray's death. She's charged him with murder when you have to prove intent in most states to get that charge. 

Last month, Officer Nero, one of the officers that beat Freddie, or was there when Freddie was being beaten, was acquitted by a judge.

I still think Marilyn Mosby came up with her theory of the case in a rush so as to stop the Baltimore Uprising.  The coincidence of arresting 3 black people and 3 white people is just too much for me -- especially when you see Freddie being dragged to the van, his head lolling off to the side as if he cannot walk -- BEFORE he gets to the van.

So, I still need one two things to happen to cheer for this conviction.  I've been saying this since last year:

1) I need to see the police van up on two wheels going around multiple corners or somebody to testify that Goodson did the "rough ride" thing before and found it entertaining.

2) I need to know how badly hurt Freddie was prior to being put in the van because I saw the video and photos of that with my own eyes.

I don't even know what to hope for at this point. I was mad about **The Van Did It" when I first heard it. And I'm still mad now. But if I don't hear a tale of  white judges and all white juries somehow selected in Chocolate City, I'm going to be one of the ones pointing a finger at Marilyn Mosby if  at least ONE of the people that illegally arrested Gray (according to her) and beat Gray (according to video/stills we've seen) do not go to jail.

Marilyn Mosby needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat. And one of those rabbits better be white since the white rabbits are the ones that set everything in motion leading up to Gray's death. 

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