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Sunday, January 29, 2017


I am so glad Mean Tangerine is every bit as brain dead as I thought. When he makes a decision and thinks of the future, he must imagine the cheers from his damn near all white base and not much else.

I knew the Deranged Cheeto had the ability to implode his own presidency. But I did not think he would jump into second gear so fast.  The #MuslimBan is paying dividends quick, fast and and in a hurry

Silicon Valley titans, who had gone all in for Clinton before clamming up after Trump’s victory, rallied to the immigrants’ cause. Apple, Facebook and Google, who employ thousands of foreign software engineers, spoke out against its impact on their business; Elon Musk condemned it in moral terms; AirBnB offered free housing to those caught up in the maelstrom. Chris Sacca, an early investor in Twitter, matched his followers and donated $150,000 to the ACLU. Even the NBA got into the act: The Milwaukee Bucks made a point of starting center Thon Maker, a Sudanese immigrant, and the league said it had raised concerns about the executive order with State Department officials.
And this NINE-DAY-PRESIDENT managed to make himself look extremely unAmerican as well.

Hameed Khalid Darweesh, was an Iraqi interpreter who served the U.S. military for over a decade. (“What I do for this country? They put the cuffs on,” a tearful Darweesh told reporters at JFK after his release.) One Iranian woman barred from the United States, Samira Asgari, was coming to Harvard Medical School to work on a cure for tuberculosis. (“I was pretty excited to join @soumya_boston's lab but denied boarding due to my Iranian nationality,” she tweeted. “Feeling safer?”) The media was flooded all day with tales of shocked families finding themselves locked out of the United States; if any of them were terrorists, they were awfully well-disguised.

I can't believe it didn't occur to Chump to make sure he did not get anywhere near striking at the one-percent.  And he did with his Muslim Ban. 

If Don The Con hadn't touched people with green cards, he probably wouldn't have. If he'd left those with green cards alone, his hate would have poured over brown and/or Muslim people with less money and less influence. 

His white supremacy base
the cheeto satan-ettes with work-a-day-jobs or no jobs
along the rich ones, who despise anything not white or ostensibly Christian
would have been happy
the rich white left
would have been tsk-tsk-ing all over the place
but not actually DOING anything to fight him.
But the way Trump went about distributing the hate this week, he took a baseball bat to those most likely to have serious jobs with serious impact at major companies -- owned by liberals and republicans alike.

Trump ticked off or frightened a significant sector of the one-percent.  He's affecting the one-percent's money.  If the left and  right sides of the one-percent  come together over preserving their profit and they want to impeach Trump, then the congressmen they give "contributions" to will impeach Trump.

I'm not implying Trump is almost gone. But I think Cheeto's learning curve is flat. And, I really wonder if he had the ability to just stay in whatever alternate reality he lives in where he's always winning. So I figure we might as well look forward. The thing that worries me is Pence.

Whether Cheeto physically goes (impeachment by 2018) or he physically stays as a figure head, Pence is probably the one to worry about. Pence has the same or worse "values" as Cheeto with actual conviction and thrice as much political saavy.

I don't know much about Pence but I doubt a career politician, or even a relatively intelligent newbie politician, would have made the green card mistake -- no matter how he felt about "those people." Pence probably wouldn't have made the one-percent swing around on him, angry on the left and extremely nervous on the right.

Pence really running the country with Trump as figurehead could do major and lasting damage to this country and all its citizens.

By the way, this is Chump's first swing at the one-percent. Remember that Twit-In-Chief made stockholder's nervous twice in the past couple of months women talking about airplane manufacturers. 

Now Apple, Google, and Facebook are worried he's keeping their tech talent from entering the country. 

This was a major strike 2 for him even without the Obama Nominated District Judge letting Trump know he's not King Trump. 

The ACLU is already trash talking over their win in court. 

I can't wait to see what strike three looks like.