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Friday, January 27, 2017


It's just my opinion, but I think Bleached Blond Cheeto Satan and the Satan-ettes have forgotten their KKK endorsed pimp is president, not king.

Realities blocking the building of the wall
(and not a fence)

1) Funding-- estimates range from 15 to 40 billion dollars

Cheeto told the Satan-ettes that Mexico would pay for the wall. Now Don-The-Ultimate-Con is saying taxpayers will build the wall and Mexico will reimburse the U.S. 
(The Mexican people are laughing in bitter tones knowing they aren't payin' for jack while also recognizing the racism of building a wall between Mexico and the U.S. but not Canada and the U.S.) 

2) Private land ownership 
  When the U.S. government was building the fence from 2008 to 2010, the Border Patrol "had to enter into negotiations or begin condemnation proceedings with landowners," as NPR's John Burnett reported in mid-2014. And even then, years after the construction, some lawsuits were still ongoing.

3) Fielding the lawsuits necessary to build the wall is an additional cost. I don't understand where this money is coming from either.

4) Apparently there's a 47 year old treaty with Mexico regarding what is allowed to be built along the border.

"The Trump administration also must adhere to a decades-old border treaty with Mexico that limits where and how structures can be built along the border. The 1970 treaty requires that structures cannot disrupt the flow of the rivers, which define the U.S.-Mexico border along Texas and 24 miles in Arizona, according to The International Boundary and Water Commission, a joint U.S.-Mexican agency that administers the treaty."

5) Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is considering cancelling all talks with Cheeto next week -- zero cooperation is forthcoming reference #4, I think.

Cheeto has flip-flopped on whether he's extending a fence, some of which is already there and easily gotten around. Still, building a U.S. version of The Wall Of China is going to be too expensive,  ---probably closer to the 30ish billion dollar price tag. 

Expect more lies in this area if no actual wall gets built. And from a logical standpoint, this wall should never, ever get built. 

Even if Trump's focus on being president lasts beyond his figuring out he's not king and he keeps on push this wall,  there still ought to be republicans in the House and the Senate who plan on being career politicians.  

If republicans, who plan to stay in Washington for decades, fund this imbecile's proposals just because he's in office for 4 years, they'll never survive elections in years 2018, 2020, 2022, and beyond. The Latinx population is predominantly Mexican, and it's too large to offend and/or ignore. 

The repubs only have a 52 to 48 majority in the Senate. And I just can't see all or most of the republiKKKLansman being dumb enough to tick off 2/3rds of Latinx and other demographics besides. President Nieto and people of color everywhere see this wall for the cheap white racist solidarity maneuver that it is. 

And they have to know we won't forget come next election or the one after that.

People of color might have been asleep at the wheel in 2016, thinking there wasn't much difference between Hillary and Trump. But that's not true anymore. A lot of people are waking up now that this Dragon is actually attacking people of color through his executive order and cabinet appointments.

But I could be completely wrong. You never know, right?

In case you haven't been keeping track, logic isn't what dictates what happens around here.  

Bush Jr. went to war twice and cut taxes at the same time. That's another way of saying he dramatically increased is out-go while decreasing his income. And this country nearly went belly up financially speaking. President Obama pulled us out of it. But bankster greed is what tossed nearly sent us into a depression -- not the income (taxes) being decreased as the out-go (wars) increased. 

So I am actually confused as to how much money a government can spend, that it doesn't have, before it goes under.

I'm not an economics major. But I cannot understand how you just pop up with 15 to 40 billion dollars for a wall out of nowhere, especially when you only have the support of 37% of Americans.

More than that, the white Americans that Trump REALLY DOES represent  do NOT want the wall. 

Wealthy and upper middle class whites want cheap helpless labor. And you keep cheap labor cheap by keeping the labor legally weak. And undocumented immigrants coming here to work is one of the weakest labor groups there is. They can't really complain about anything -- the threat is always getting kicked out the country.  And affluent large-and-in-charge folk like their labor weak, uncomplaining, and cheap. 

The part of white America that Trump really serves, the one percenters, don't want that wall. Or they cheer the symbolic racism of the wall existence, knowing perfectly damn well it won't be high enough or paroled enough to be effective. 

In the end, I still don't understand how this wall is going to happen. I don't see the congressional support. I don't see the money. I don't see Cheeto getting control of the land from private citizens or from Mexico.

I don't see it. 

I see continuing the fence that's already started down near Texas. I see Trump adding a few inches of wall or fence that's already there down near Texas, then presenting "alternative facts" about Cheeto's having fulfilled a campaign promise.

But Cheeto's increase in border patrol and ICE agents? I do see that happening. I see funding for that being approved. I also see more shootings and "misunderstandings" where brown people wind up dead at the border. I see headlines where Mexican children "accidentally" got shot while trying to come to the United. States. That I can imagine pretty easily.