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Saturday, March 18, 2017


Let me say it again.

When a mentally deficient white racist is being made uncomfortable by his own stupidity, he looks for the nearest n-word he can find to blame his pain on. 

For Chump, that person is President Barack Obama.
Chump's Muslim Ban 1 and Muslim Ban 2 have been stopped ...for now. 

His 'Repeal and Replace' Obamacare promise is a lie that is about to go down in flames in the Senate if not the House of Republicans...for now. 

Chump's been exposed as a liar over and over as far as some of his closest allies, Flynn, having ties to Russia. 

 And all of this happened before he put out a proposed budget that's going likely to slice the older white section of his base and the rural white section of his base, both, into ribbons

Chump is failing his white supremacist base and in a very public way (except for the 1%)

So of course he screams a racist deflection. Of course he says something that means *That n-word wiretapped me!* Of course he didn't choose his nemesis, Hillary, to blame. She's white.

Question is, how do democrats use this wiretapping lie lodged against President Obama?  

Chanting "Liar, liar, pants on fire" is something we can already do with Chump.

Then again, maybe we already successfully used this? 

Congressmen from both sides of the aisle have said there's no proof President Obama wiretapped DJ The Chump. That is, republicans have come out against Trump on the wiretapping. When Chump said he got the wiretapping information from Fox News, the "news" organization denied ever accusing President Obama of wiretapping.

Let me say it again: FAUX NEWS straight broke ranks with DJ The Chump. 

So maybe proving the wiretapping accusation a lie has created the biggest crack yet in the wall of the republican party. If Faux News says, *Um...Nope. Sorry. You did not get that wiretapping mess from over here* then maybe the crack is big enough to be the beginning of the end of the republican party, 
increasingly identifiable as a white racist organization* that is an enemy to the helpless, even the white helpless.
We're going to have to wait and see. 

Flynn is being interrogated next week. That man is not wrapped too tight. He might throw DJ The Chump under the bus accidentally.

(*- Increasing identifiable for white folks. The rest of recognize where the virulent white racists are comfortable no matter which party they move to)