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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Winners & losers if Obamacare subsidies become GOP tax credits in a single graphic

From the Kaiser Family Foundation


Top right corner image of the U.S shows the old and poor are screwed

Bottom left middle image shows the 40 year old making the most money are the best off

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But you remember who has it the best-est in the west-est under Trumpcare right?

The one-percenters and the rest of the wealthy.
They will be getting billions of dollars worth of taxes back that Obama took for healthcare. If REPEAL AND REPLACE goes through, no matter what changes they make to Trumpcare over the next few days,  the wealthy will will be the only real winners.

What we need is for Obamacare to be repaired. If Sarah Palin and her demons hadn't made THE PUBLIC OPTION sound like it was full of "death panels," the health insurance companies wouldn't have been able to jack up their premiums the way they did. But it

was a democrat named Joe Lieberman from Connecticut, who wasn't even meeting with the democratic caucus, that damaged Obamacare. He single-handedly removed competition with the insurance companies, which was critical to making it work.

We don't need Trumpcare 1.0. We need Obamacare 2.0.

The republicans are trying to make sure nothing the government offers competes with the insurance companies. And it is competition that will drive prices down. That's EXACTLY what we need. Insurance companies are walking lock step and they have all of us over a barrel. 

Insurance companies were afraid of public option making into Obamacare like people are afraid of botulism poisoning. They are not afraid of Trumpcare. They love Trumpcare. That should be telling you that health insurance companies are trying to move us back to that place that Michael Moore described in his documentary SICKO: You pay insurance and they pay for treatment if they feel it's profitable to do so.  The uninsured can go to hell under the old system of patching people up in emergency rooms.

This is the one place that Bernie Sanders and 84% of Americans agree. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.  Nothing the republican leadership comes up with is heading in that direction because they do not believe that. 

Do not believe these republican white nationalists are Christians. They aren't. They aren't even bad Christians. They aren't Christians period. Going to church every week don't make you a Christian anymore than my deciding to live in a garage makes me a car.
The republican leadership believes in a social darwinism that justifies itself by demonizing the poor.  That's why they added that 30% penalty to the rate if people cancel then restart up their insurance. Compassionate people understand that poor people only do that because they're poor -- not in a deliberate effort to cheat the insurance company out of something.

But Paul Ryan and his ilk? They don't understand that because they don't want to understand that. They want to rob from the poor and give to the rich, the wealthy tax payer and the wealthy owners of insurance companies. These @$$ backward Peter Pans  will count the cost of 14 million people without health insurance as so much nothing. Since they hate poor people they might even consider that icing on the cake, because people will actually die without health insurance. They'll die with health insurance if Trump cuts regulations back 

You should really watch SICKO and find out what happens when the business men taking care of your health aren't forced by your government to care about something other than their profits.