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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


"At a rally in Boston [last weekend] Senator Bernie Sanders said the following. From the political news website and magazine the Hill:
  • "Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) on Friday defended voters of President Trump [AGAIN], saying that the election was Democrats' to lose and that the party needs to better represent the working-class voters who supported Trump and other GOP lawmakers

  • "Some people think that the people who voted for Trump are racists and sexists and homophobes and deplorable folks. I don't agree, because I've been there. Let me tell you something else some of you might not agree with, it wasn't that Donald Trump won the election, it was that the Democratic Party lost the election," Sanders said while speaking at an Our Revolution rally in Boston with fellow Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). 


"Liberal racism is a very dangerous thing. Absolving Trumpthuglicans of their sins. Nope. Not. Ever. Brother Malcolm X had it figured out four decades ago."
~ Chauncey DeVega, Facebook
(Salon.Com Writer) 
* * * * *

I've been trying to out Bernie Sanders over and over and over again for months.  
And now, Bernie outed himself again. 

Sanders keeps trying to say millions of Trump voters were not attracted to Donald Trump because of all that white supremacy he was spewing.  Every time Trump said something hateful, his standing rose in Republican polls. The only people who couldn't believe it was happening were white people. 

White conservatives aren't the only racists in this town called the United States. But they are the overt lovers of anything that is racist but they can get away with calling not-racist (which means only the n-word and lynching are actually racist to the average white republican) The white liberal is a little or a lot better than that

But every white liberal's favorite white liberal Bernie Sanders, just like Donald Trump, is consistently trying to label the people that voted for Trump as "working class" -- when the white people that voted for Trump had incomes and education levels that were all over the spectrum.

And if I was Sanders, I'd decide to believe the same thing about th people who felt their only choice (during primary season) was me (Sanders) or Trump.

Know why?

I'll tell you why.

During the primaries, from what I observed in New York and California, Bernie and Donald won in the very same nearly all white enclaves.   
In other words, Bernie and Donald appeal to different sides of the very same white supremacist coin that lies inside the majority of white folks. 

So, Bernie is not "tone deaf" to race as white news outlets like to say all the time. Bernie Sanders is deliberately turning a deaf ear to white racism. That's very different. Michael Moore, who I generally like a lot, is doing the same thing.

There is no way for one white person (Sanders) 

to logically explain how 
another white person (the average Trump voter) 
believed Trump when he talked about 
creating more jobs 
and improving on Black-Man-Provided Healthcare 
(a.k.a Obamacare) 
but did NOT believe Trump 
was telling HIS truth about 
about everybody not-white.

There's no way that the average Trump voter can NOT understand that "build that wall" means "keep those people (not-white people) the hell out of here."  

Trump's saying all those people of religion X are terrorist is also a not-white claim -- since the  poorly educated white voter that Trump loves so much conflates "Muslim" with Middle Eastern people.

If the Trump voter believed Trump 
could get them more money and benefits
 hey believed they deserved?
Then the Trump voter also believed Trump

when he said THOSE PEOPLE 
are the ones keeping you 
from getting what you deserve. 


Furthermore, I think racism is primarily a function of greed. If a white racist feels like he doesn't have something he's entitled to, it's because those people took it; because those people are blocking it. 
At a certain level, 
feelings of entitlement, block empathy 
Never has it occurred to Bernie Sanders 
or his white-bias soaked Bernie Bros 
that every single
predominantly black and brown 
inner city area in the county 
has already gone through 
what white people out in the sticks 
(with and without high school educations) 
went through decades back 
due to white flight  

It takes a lot of damn nerve to be the white liberal to this empathy-less and whine about white-me, my-white-self, and white-mine after you've DONE to others what you NOW fear for yourself. 

In the end,  the Cheeto Satan-ettes believed everything Trump said or they didn't mind some of the more hateful things he said very much at all -- many even thought his racism was funny.

Trump Voters, Trumpthuglicans, Cheeto Satan-ettes, Mean Tangerine Chumps-- whatever you call these lowlifes? They are those of the white supremacy swilling persuasion -- and that includes the 13% of black men and damn near 1/3 of Latino men that voted for Trump too. (Patriarchy is a factor, too but that's a story for another day)

And Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are telling the same white-working-class lie in order to save the very same group of people -- the white racists. 

 If being "working class" had been the main criteria by which people voted for Trump, black and brown folks --who are mostly working class and poor-- would have voted for Trump too. They didn't.  Black and brown folks have been voting for white people who have no clue just how much white racism they nurture in their own souls for decades. And black and brown folks know how to vote their pocketbooks...just like everybody white-else.


Trump and Sanders, both, redefined "working class" the day after the election so as to protect white people from knowing about the white supremacy so many of them still harbor. But the Trump/Sanders story isn't even remotely believable. The white folks that voted for Trump had various incomes and various levels of education. They were NOT centered around being working class; they were centered around Trump's white supremacist views.


Again, Bernie moved to Vermont, the whitest state in the country immediately after the Civil Rights Movement. That wasn't an accident. And that did not leave him unscathed by white supremacist viewpoints - as soft-spoken and benign as they look, they are not.

A person who thinks they are pure of white supremacy --when they live in a country founded on white supremacy and deliberately move to the whitest state in the country (Vermont) -- is a person with a white supremacy problem.

And white liberals providing Bernie cover with that "tone deaf" to race crap aren't any better.

Again, I don't consider anybody (white, black, or brown) pure of white supremacist ideas and ideals. We're all bathing in the same dirty bathwater, all getting the same images in our fiction in books, TV, movies and from our news. But those with the ability to turn a deaf ear to white racism have a percentage of white supremacy in them that's too high for them to be trust to hold a high political office on the left.

  • Sanders went on to say that a "fundamental restructuring of the Democratic party" was needed to win future elections and that problems with party's current setup is why many were quick to support Trump in the election, not because of some of the rhetoric on the campaign trail." "

White conservatives aren't the only ones that talk about race and racism using code.

The paragraph means that Sanders wants to realign the Democratic Party so it is palatable to his misnamed "white working class" What he's really saying, whether he realizes it or not, is that he wants to make the Democratic Party more palatable to white racists so the democrats can get the white racist vote.

We need a people of color led party on the left. 

Can you hear me now?

* * * * * *