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Saturday, April 15, 2017


A repost
We're going to have to revisit this A FEW times 
if we're going to start fixing things in 2018.

Yes. The majority of white women voted Trump at a rate of 52%

But one-quarter of that amount, at 13%,  represents the black men that voted for Trump.  If a scant six more percent of Latino men had voted for Trump, they would have voted for Trump at a rate THREE TIMES that of Black men.

These are people of color problems. Huge ones.

So this post ain't about how Becky voted

I don't care about Becky.

Forget Becky.

* * * * *


Link to Part 1

In modern times, white men always vote conservative, upwards of 60% White men are at the top of the social heap. They are “conservative” in order to “conserve” their ill-gotten gains by keeping competition for resources low. That’s not surprising.

White women? Those who are married to white men are going to vote the way their husbands vote – so much for white feminism. And frankly, a lot of the janey-come-lately feminists following Beyonce and Taylor Swift? A large number of them are feminists in name only.

As for black women? We know we’re going to have to protect ourselves. So that’s how we vote. Always. Black women put their personal feelings about Hillary to one side and voted for her to block Trump. Yet we, as black women, too have a problem with internalized-sexism.

 I’d be willing to bet a bunch of black women didn’t vote at all listening to black men pop  off about their hurt feelings over Hillary’s  “super predator” comment  
 --as if Hillary every 90% of  white people in D.C. weren’t capable of saying and believing the very same thing in the 1990s,
--as if Donald Trump did straight out tell us he was going to be worse in 2016 (and since he'll be picking supreme court justices he'll have the ability to make sure the types of petty crime that more common to black and brown, he'll have all the power he needs to decimate the poorer among us)
Those of us who didn't vote probably matter more than the 13% of black men that voted for the white Dragon who means to devour and spit out anything not white and white-male-attached (white male attached = white wives who are good girls that behave themselves a lot better than Dumpster's Melania.)


There have been a bunch of articles about how black and brown people were thwarted from voting. Some people said they had transportation problems, lack of polling places where they live, long lines, and voter ID disenfranchisement etc. And that's all true. 

But most of that was also true in 2008 and 2012 too for most states.  Black men, Latino men, Asian men, got out there and stood in the snow for hours waiting on long lines along side black, latinx, and asian women in Ohio to protect President Obama.  
POC men simply didn't do it this time and probably some POC women too. 
A size-able portion of patriarchal soaked people of color did not do the same thing to protect us from Donald Trump because you cannot tell the difference between a DRAGON and a WEATHER VANE.

Hillary's a liar and has said things out of the white racism handbook. Yeah. Whites are gonna white. But all white racism IS NOT the same.

Reagan was deadly to people of color in a very direct and immediate way-- the increased white mob violence and also the tripling the homeless population. Reagan practically attacked the poor under one guise or another constantly.  

Mean Tangerine (MT) is an even worse dragon.

The labels “Liar,” and “Racist,” apply to Donald Trump (a.k.a MT) in much more threatening ways than they ever did to Hillary Clinton. 

So I ask you again:

What happened to the people of color vote?

And how much did it have to do with Hillary Clinton being a woman instead of a man?

I’ve been watching this documentary on Netflix, in its entirety first then sections of it again and again. It’s called “The Mask You Live In” I love this documentary on American Masculinity, a story told mostly by men. I think it’s well done. I could not put my finger on what is missing from it for a good long while. But I figured it out a few days before the election. 

Successful white men are missing from the documentary.
I originally dove into the documentary "The Mask You Live In" looking for a cure for black and brown communities as patriarchy is a huge, soul killing problem in communities of color. So it took me a long time to realize white men weren't there because I didn't care about them, per se.   
However nobody but nobody needs to be in a documentary like this more than white men -- as learners, not teachers.
Again, white men needed to be visible in that documentary as students that need to learn healthier masculinity. Little white boys were in the documentary. Barely graduated college white boys were in the documentary. But no successful white men with a house, a mortgage, a wife and 2.5 kids. What's worse is that none of the male learners in the video, none of the men failing at a more genunine masculinity by subscribing to toxic masculinity in the video look like Donald Trump, his sons, middle class white men with 2.5 kids and a mortgage, or Joe Six Pack. 
And that's important, because who is "winning" at being a man in America, which synonymous with winning at Toxic Masculinity (TM), is modeled by 30 to 45 year old white men in this country who eventually start failing at TM too by getting old -- unless they have tons of money.   
Professional Sports, movies, television, and magazine ads all make sure toxic masculinity is idealized and flowing through men's brains all day, every day. And those images feature white men to the tune of 90% or more.
The documentary also didn't show black, latino, and asian men as successful looking failures.  To me that's critical for young POC boys to see because POC men that suffer most from thinking that they aren't men  UNLESS  they present in toxic masculinity form. That's why poor POC men will do almost anything, even illegal things, to become the breadwinner in the household. It would have been awesome if the documentary had shown how some POC boys becoming men by looking to white men for role models for success, white men like Trump. 

Excuse my stereotyping, if that's what it is
But it's no accident that musclebound meatheads make up a good portion of the
famous, rich POC men that can't see the forest for the Toxic Masculinity Trees

Thie image above should be showing you what Toxic Masculinity looks like when it votes, right? 

I don’t think we have to look any further for evidence than the gap between how women of color and men of color voted.

Some portion of the men of color, 13% to 33%, that voted for Donald Trump has to be suffering from Toxic Masculinity. Yes, some are just greedy voting for reasons having to do with grabbing more money for self. But some of it is Toxic Masculinity too. 

Black men actually voted for Trump at 3x the rate of black women. Something is wrong with that 13% And I think Toxic Masculinity is the disease they have.

Whatever IT is, you understand we have to close that gap right?

You understand we have to close that male female gap everywhere blacks and browns live because here is one more ugly truth for you: 

A lot of non-feminist women follow men. And most women are still strongly anti-feminist.
Therefore, ugly as it sounds, getting more POC men to vote for their own self-interest is going to bring EVEN MORE women to vote. They'll follow their husbands and boyfriends and vote to protect themselves. What's more, non-voting POC men will also convince more non-feminist POC women to get out and vote.

To recap, it wasn't just that Hillary 

wasn't seen as a leader 
because she's a woman 
that frustrated our attempts at a Trump-block. 

Some people of color, especially men, are flat out attracted to Donald Trump and the republican party because white men exemplify "the successful man" in toxic masculinity culture.  

Black and brown men desperately want their masculinity to be seen.

Most black and brown feminists know black and brown men suffer from Toxic Masculinity culture just like white men do. I mean we've seen their responses to Bill Cosby and Nate Parker. I knew the Toxic Masculinity was strong with us. I just didn't think the TM was stronger than self preservation against a racist who openly declared war on anybody not white and not male

Some male POC writers are actually bragging that different POC groups went for Trump 2 to 1 (66%) as compared to white people.

I guess they're trying to be self-protective, crying about "white people..."  blaming it on the "white people...." "white people..." -- when we all knew whites gonna white.

So I think blaming white people is a bunch of crap at this point. 

Yeah, I'm angry as hell at them for voting Trump in too. But I know who they are.  I knew before the election that we had to jump two-thirds of white people with one-third of white people at our backs.

We got the one-third of white people I expected, and then some.

We have to fix whatever broke the people of color vote. And if 13 to 33% of POC men voted for Trump, that's gotta be job one.


A stronger POC voting block
along with
a black and brown led intersectional feminism
is probably the way out of
the white male dominated patriarchal section
of jungle 

that dominates America.