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Thursday, June 22, 2017



"What changed was the importance of identity. Attitudes toward immigration, toward black Americans, and toward Muslims were more correlated with voting Republican in 2016 than in 2012.
Put a little differently, Barack Obama won re-election with the support of voters who held negative views toward blacks, Muslims, and immigrants.
Sides notes that “37 percent of white Obama voters had a less favorable attitude toward Muslims” while 33 percent said “illegal immigrants” were “mostly a drain.” A separate analysis made late last year by political scientist Michael Tesler (and unrelated to the Voter Study Group) finds that 20 to 25 percent of white Obama voters opposed interracial dating, a decent enough proxy for racial prejudice.
Not all of this occurred during the 2016 campaign—a number of white Obama voters shifted to the GOP in the years following his re-election. Nonetheless, writes Sides, “the political consequences in 2016 were the same: a segment of white Democrats with less favorable attitudes toward these ethnic and religious minorities were potential or actual Trump voters.” "

Like a friend of mine recently said,

A white person marrying a person of race X
does not make them free of bigotry toward race X
That's like expecting men to be free of sexism
just because they have daughters they love. The same, for damn sure, holds true for white voters who voted for Barack Obama.
I never, for even one minute, thought the white folks that voted for President Obama were free of anti-black racism

I think most people of color --of the darker persuasion-- think this idea is laughable.

Nice to see the racism in Obama voters explained along side a study though. Maybe white folks will come to see how obvious this should have been from the start.
Trust me. It's a problem that white democrats don't see this. White democrats are only focused on moving white voters to the left when that is not where the power is. Waking up people of color voters is how you get your candidates in office.
This is rather important because the white voters, like most voters, have made up their minds long before any political advertising gets to them. In the Trump age of successful race-baiting, white folks (and some pale POCs) are either for or against white supremacy AND/OR for or against one-percenter supremacy. To me this means there is nothing to be lost in a candidate's going hard for black and brown votes -- which I haven't seen a democratic candidate do this year. Have you? Since white folks can't seem to grasp this concept, it means we need a change in leadership. Our leadership needs to be two decades younger for sure, but I say what we need most is a black and brown led party with 1/3 of white folks bringing up the rear. White folks cannot lead the left because they cannot see, hear, or think clearly when it comes to white supremacy in their family, friends, and neighbors.

So all is not lost. As I recall 37% of white people voted for Trump. If we can keep a third (33%) of white people while solidifying the people of color vote we can keep the republicans out of office and form a better party on the left. Decreasing black men who voted for Trump (13%) to near where black women were (4%) is important. But fixing the Latino vote, especially the Latino male vote for Trump (33%) is critical and kinda...well...scary. That latter number has to be fixed. I don't give a crap who feels what about whom either. Black women couldn't half-stand freaking Hillary. We got over our feels and, to the tune of 94%, voted to keep Cheeto Satan out of office ANYWAY. Everybody else needs to step up.


Obama won lots of votes 

from racially prejudiced whites 

(and some of them supported Trump)