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Saturday, June 17, 2017


Minneapolis NAACP: “The Minneapolis NAACP unequivocally and in the strongest possible terms condemns the acquittal of Officer Jeronimo Yanez on all charges related to his killing Philando Castile during a traffic stop.
This decision clearly illustrates the implicit bias and systemic racism that permeates our legal system. It should be unthinkable that Yanez would entirely escape accountability for his reckless and unjustified homicide, but this is what we have come to expect. This is how our system works. This verdict cannot and will not produce justice. 
Bias and shoddy decision-making have saturated this case from the beginning.
Castile was stopped in the first place because Yanez saw his “wide-set nose,” [that looked like the wide-set nose of another criminal suspect] or in the words of expert witness Jeffrey Noble, “because he was a black man.” Though Castile’s brake light was merely a pretext, defense attorneys repeatedly blamed Castile for his own death by saying he would still be alive if his light hadn’t been broken.
A juror who lied about sharing police advocacy posts was allowed to remain on the jury in spite of concerns expressed by prosecutors and the judge.
The defense relied on an expert witness who not only omitted crucial information on the stand, but also has an extensive track record of saying any and all police force is reasonable in numerous trials.

The jury was prevented from hearing most of Yanez’s BCA interview that contradicted his crafted witness stand narrative. 
In any system that values equity and justice, this should have been the most clear-cut guilty verdict possible. Yanez racially profiled Castile, failed to follow protocol, panicked, and shot to kill. Minnesota had a chance to deliver #Justice4Philando and instead Minnesota showed that black lives, in fact, do not matter here, and that police have free rein to kill us.

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I wish I'd kept track of when I began to change my mind on gun control. It's days like this that I start thinking that every black person should walk around like they are on their way to O K Corral, a gun on each hip. That way nobody is surprised right. Everybody knows THE OTHER is armed.
Philando Castile might still be alive because there would have been no reason to announce he had a gun.
Alton Sterling might still be alive because there wouldn't have been any surprise about him having a gun. The cops would have already known
Sam DuBose's murderer would have had something to be scared of and maybe DuBose would have gotten a shot off instead of trying to get away from deaf nut job in a uniform.
  • Re: The DuBose Case: The judge just decided the confederate flag t-shirt the cop, Ray Tensing, was wearing under his uniform is too inflammatory to be disclosed to the second jury that will hear this trial. And the judge knows this because it was a sticking point during the first trial where the jury couldn't come to a decision. Now that there is no motive --thanks to the judge removing the t-shirt as evidence-- getting Officer Ray Tensing acquitted ought to be a breeze.
I'm tired of our bodies being the only ones on the ground. Unarmed; Armed and announcing you are armed; Armed and not mentioning that you are armed as you lay on the ground helpless.

I'm sick of these mofos. But they are starting to chew one another up too.

Just this morning, I heard a news anchor say that the thing that's scary about GOP Congressman shooter Hodgkinson is that he's just like everybody else. There weren't any signs that he was violent. I was like, "Really?" That ass beat some woman bad enough that she filed charges -- and women don't usually do that the first, 5th or 10th time a man beats them if they stay married to him. HE WAS VIOLENT. There just wasn't any sign that he had enough stones to go up against the subset of white men he hated.

If Hodgkinson --the man who shot a Grand Ole Party Congressman with a gun the GOP insured he could get his hands on-- had been a black man, his domestic violence beefs would have been evidence of his being a degenerate man from a degenerate race. 

Instead, Hodgkinson's violent ass is called "normal." Newscasters said as he was a "normal" man with no signs of being violent its almost impossible for authorities to stop people like him before they act. And I guess he is "normal." I guess that domestic violence rap doesn't count as violence ---after all it's only a woman he was beating. 

And we have abundant proof that white folks are violent without provocation, especially when they are in uniform. And they for damn sure indoctrinate others into their institutions and make sure they behave the same violent ways.

Police are the leading edge of white supremacy in this country. And don't you forget it. Don't forget it even if the cop that walks up on you is black, much less brown or white.

And if you're having problems with this concept of white supremacy inside a black or brown body, then watch Spike Lee's DO THE RIGHT THING.There's a perfect example of what that looks like in that movie.

I know people can't go to jail for unacknowledged racism -- not until the country is being run by black people from top to bottom. And I don't see that happening. 


Until cops go to jail for incompetently firing their weapons, we're all in danger. 

I've said this before. Let me say it again. Every cop that gets to  walk on a murder rap, while the entire nations watches, makes an entire nation's worth of cops bolder. Human beings like the sensation of being bolder, of feeling like they have more personal power. It's a matter of time before shooting black and brown people isn't enough. In the current climate,it's a matter of time before cops start shooting more white people.

Fifty-seven percent of white voters just elected a man who told them he cheats on his taxes during a debate....because they are greedy too, greedy for money and greedy for power through whiteness. People greedy for power or going to produce cops greedy for power. And killing black and brown folks will not be enough for cops very soon.

These jackasses have already set their own houses on fire. They just don't know it yet.

The drug abuse epidemic came to get black people in poor neighborhoods first but now it has white folks by the short hairs. And they are dying in much higher numbers. That's how I know the Cops-Shoot-First-And-Think-Later epidemic is going to come to get white folks too.  And I think that time is coming sooner rather than later.

The ambient white supremacy run amok is really ambient greed. They are going to destroy themselves. The only thing we have to do now is figure out how to not go down with them.

So what do we do in the meantime?

Gun up?

Do we change our minds about gun control?

More guns equal more death. But maybe the deaths will be spread more evenly through all demographics....even if there are more deaths. 

Besides, I might look cute with a western gun belt low on my hips. I'll just call it a retro look.

A white senator just got shot by a man with a record. Have you really heard a full court press on gun control rise again? I haven't.

What I've heard is democrats joining republicans in saying "We need to tone down the rhetoric." All of a sudden the old white reptiles (on both sides of the aisle) know that VIOLENT WORDS CREATE VIOLENCE.  

Funny how they don't seem to understand that --even Bernie- an-'em-- when it comes to white racist words and white supremacy rhetoric. 

Really funny.

Can't you hear me laughing.

The ambient white racism and ambient white supremacy is what created enough fear to get Officer Yanez to believe all black people are dangerous. And he believed it so deeply that he killed Philando Castile for nothing.

And for this he should have gone to jail. Even though he's one of the few officers where you can see he was NOT lying about being frightened...what he was afraid of was black skin.  

But the racism and racial profiling is beside the point. No matter how scared you are, if your incompetence kills someone else, you should go to jail.

But we're not going to see that happen until a bunch of white people are dead...and not just any white people either. It has to be white men that are dying at the hands of police. When Sandy Hook came and went without any serious gun control legislation being passed, I understood ?????? to be correct.

It's not who does the killing that determines the seriousness of a crime. It's who wound up dead that matters.


If a black man kills a black man. He's back on the street before  you can say zip-ah-dee-doo-dah.  If a black man kills a white man, he'll be in jail for life.
If a white man kills a white woman -- it's damn near nothing unless it's get a lot of press. (That's how a white male college student can get caught raping a woman and get out in 6 months because the judge is worried about his white male future)

If a white boy kills 26 children in Sandy Hook, that's just sad. It's an isolated incident among 100s of other isolated incidents that doesn't mean anything about how out of control gun proliferation is here.

Let 26 old powerful white men get killed. NRA's bullsh** will be shut down the next day.

White men are the only ones that really matter. So white men getting killed by white cops is the only thing that's really going to make people sit up and say, "Oh hell no"

Since, I don't see white male cops doing that to other white males with power --- I guess white cops are going to be running rampant until they are outnumbered OR overpowered.

And we can overpower them by voting in a black or brown person with a black and brown led coalition of voters along with about 1/3 of white people.

Pay attention to your local elections, mid-term elections (2018), and presidential elections (2020). What happened to Ferguson and Mike Brown, I'm sorry to say, is what happens when you get caught napping. The black voters there had the power to stop the white bullsh**ers in charge from running them to ground (made up fines and crap) by simply voting and running for office. They didn't DO IT until Mike Brown was dead and things were revealed as out of control.

Those who don't learn from their history are doomed to repeat it. 

We did not learn. 

We did not vote in large numbers

We did not out vote white people and keep Trump out of office.

We cannot get caught sleeping again.

We need to vote everyone involved in Philando Castile's trial out where we can. We need to vote those Grand Ole Party jackals out of congress where we can in 2018. And we need to run Trump out of town on a rail OR get him to quit before that if we can.

Good News: The heat is being turned way up on Trump this week.

Nearly 200 Congressman filed suit against Trump on his financially profiting from being President (Emoluments Clause)

The lead senator filing the complaint in federal district court, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said Tuesday that the lawsuit has already drawn more congressional plaintiffs — 196 — than any legal action previously taken against a president. No Republicans have yet joined in the lawsuit, although they will be invited to do so, Blumenthal said.