Saturday, June 10, 2017

Taraji P Henson To Play A Hit-Woman In PROUD MARY

Feeling Rebloggy
Henson is attached to star in Screen Gems’ drama "Proud Mary," playing a hit-woman named Mary, whose life is completely turned around when she saves a young boy who awakens a maternal instinct in her that she never knew she had... 

Scripted by John Stewart Newman and Christian Swegal, a director for "Proud Mary" is yet to be attached, although production was slated to begin this April in Boston, with Paul Schiff and Tai Duncan producing. 
Screen Gems has slotted "Proud Mary" for a January 26, 2018 theatrical opening
Don't Read More. They're giving away too much story. 

Despite good relations with her co-stars, the ugly little experience she appeared to have at PERSON OF INTEREST is paying off.  She got her action hero experience on that show.


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