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Saturday, July 22, 2017


....for so long as those Blue Lives Are White

In a complete departure from normal practice, the police union has had nothing to say in the dark-skinned Mahamed Noor's defense. 
"Lt. Bob Kroll, breaking from past practice, said he will wait for investigation. "
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"Those who want to blame every single black person who has ever been shot by police for their own death have finally gotten their perfect victim: a white woman named Justine Damond. 
A lawyer representing the family of the Australian native who was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer said Thursday that Damond is “the most innocent victim” of a police shooting that he has ever seen.
Robert Bennett is the attorney who was hired by Damond’s family earlier this week, and he told the Minnesota Star Tribune that the family is seeking justice for Damond...
Bennett is not unfamiliar with cases involving police misconduct. He worked with the family of Philando Castile in getting a settlement over his shooting death in Falcon Heights, Minn., last year by former St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez, and he represented Frank Baker who was bitten by a police dog and kicked by a St. Paul, Minn., police officer last year. 
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Keep in mind that Bennett said this without knowing a damn thing about Justine's having brought her own death on herself too.
He probably doesn't know if she was so irresponsible she deserved to be shot for not having her driver's license up to date like Sam DuBose.
He probably doesn't know if Justine smoked weed in high school like Trayvon
He probably doesn't know if it was legal to go down into city sewer to save ducklings, same as it wasn't legal for Eric Garner to sell loose cigarettes to feed himself and his family
He probably doesn't know whether or not Justine was holding her wallet like Amadou Diallo
Amadou Diallo was guilty of holding a wallet while being black

Attorney Robert Bennett probably should, by now, know if Justine made a sudden move in response to the same loud noise that startled the cops that shot her...which isn't quite the same as Philando moving slowly to get his wallet as instructed by the cop that murdered him for moving.
He does know that Justine lied. She told a bunch of people her last name was "Damond" for multiple years when it was "Rucszyck."    
What Robert Bennett and every-white-body else should know by now is that there are bunch of ways that Justine might be held responsible for her own death.

What the rest of us know is that Bennett is typical behavior born of white supremacy even if Bennett himself is as far from being what we'd call a "white supremacist" as day is from night. 

Card carrying white supremacists are not the only ones that hold whiteness supreme; they are not the only ones to see value in a life only if that life looks white and can somehow be imagined to look somewhat like Mommy, wife, sister, or daughter. 

It's should be obvious to anyone that's paying attention that Justine Ruszczyk being white is the most important thing about her as far as innocent police murderer victims go.  Little 7 or 8 year old girls taking a nap while shot like Aiyanna Stanley or playing with a toy gun like 12 year old Tamir Rice lose out being seen as innocent due to having black skin.

White folks are marching and crying for Justine, but not as many as you might think. 
White folks don't have to go out into the street and make a large noise to get justice. When white people are outraged, only a few of them ever leave their houses to protest. White displeasure is responded to by white dominated institutions and pretty damn quickly.
Less than a week has passed and the Police Chief in Minneapolis, Janee Harteau, was forced to resign over the death of Justine Ruszczyk Damond. And I'm not sure I understand why...other than head(s) must roll when somebody white dies.

Philando Castile's murderer didn't work directly for her. It looks like the St Anthony Police, where Jeronimo Yanez worked, is a suburb a little ways away with its own police force (not sure). 
Still, there are a couple of things in the Justine Ruszczyk case that could have been this female police chief's fault -- like putting two inexperienced cops in a single cop car. 
But as big a deal as everybody is making of the body cameras -- for so long as they didn't turn them OFF-- was happening to make them turn them on until it was practically over. If they turned them off that's a different story.

I suspect the female police chief was the nearest thing with authority that wasn't a white heterosexual man that could be thrown under the bus. 
As I've said before whiteness doesn't cover white women as well as it does white men, especially unmarried white women. When a white man rapes a white woman, the white woman is tossed to the side. White men, by comparison, have white supremacy to cover them and male supremacy to fill in the gaps of that coverage. 
I remember a low-level, racist Becky in Ferguson, Missouri being fired after a federal investigation while the old white chief kept his job, at least for a while --though it appears he only gave us half of the Mike Brown surveillance video which wound up protecting his murdering subordinate Darren Wilson.  
 The way I see it, white men are still the only ones 100% immunity from their behavior. 

The Minneapolis police chief, Janee Harteau was used as the sacrificial lamb for a white death.  
Betty Shelby was acquitted for Terrence Crutcher's murder by a white jury but only after her white male cop brethern threw her under the bus.  
And Mary O'Callaghan actually went to jail for beating the handcuffed Alesia Thomas to death...but only for assault under the authority of colors.

  • Alesia Thomas' original crime was taking her 3 year old and her 12 year old to a police station and leaving them there saying she could not care for them...which is what I was taught a person is supposed to do, in grammar school, if a parent is unable to care for their children for some reason.  
  • To me, this means Alesia Thomas was innocent and helpless both. But a lot of people, including black people, forget her name  
  • ...because she's not a man either. 
I am thinking that... 
until more white people look less like this
and more like this after a cop shoots
any innocent person of any color

the dead bodies of the innocent are going to pile up

Most of the dead by cop murderers will continue to be black and brown until the white numerical majority decides to shake off the quasi-intentional and unintentional parts of white supremacy. But Blue Lives deciding that protecting themselves is the primary goal instead of protecting the public will effect a wider and wider circle of people, including more and more white people. 

More white people are going to die at the hands of police, just like Justine, until predominantly white juries stop telling cops "I was in fear for my life" is an excuse for killing the unarmed innocent ...especially after a cop has been proven to be lying as Sam DuBose's murderer Ray Tensing was. (Video showed us Tensing was not being dragged by DuBose's car as he claimed.) 

In this particular case, the white folks are not going to be able to sink their teeth very deeply into this black cop, Mohamed Noor.  I don't think much he'll have to do much more than resign (if that) unless some new dramatic news comes out. And I'm almost sure white tribe won't get a murder or manslaughter trial out of this. 

Noor is the only one out of the cop murderers we've seen lately that was legitimately startled by something, a loud noise. Rumor has it the investigators of this incident are thinking fireworks went off nearby. (Wouldn't it be funny if a white boy threw a firecracker at the car thinking it would be funny. Sorry, that's typical complexion of protection bullsh**)
If I'm wrong and Noor is not only tried in court but sent to prison, I'm seriously going to have to rethink my position on gun control.  I'm going to start advocating we return to the old west style of thinking. Every black person in America may need to start running around looking like Idris Elba in THE DARK TOWER even when on their way to church, school, work, and the supermarket

Once again, I'm wondering if this trembling person, Noor, have been a cop in the first place. Probably not. But since the white powers that be refused to address this kind of issue upon seeing the first 1000 trembling, predominantly white, cowards with badges beat and shoot unarmed black people, this hasn't been addressed. 

And the failure to address who gets to be a cop and how is very likely a major part of the reason Justine's dead. 

If white tribe had taken Black Lives Matter (TOO) seriously, I'm thinking police departments across the country would have taken a look at: 
  • psychological tests as part of their hiring practices,  
  • emotional tests as part of their hiring practices 
  • sociological tests as part of their hiring practices
  • domestic violence as part of their firing practices
  • X number of unprovoked violence complaints as part of their firing practices 
  • shooting of a weapon multiple times as a sign of extreme cowardice not befitting the uniform. 
Taking the deaths of unarmed black people seriously might have prevented a bunch of cops below from ever becoming cops or made them more cautious in the use of violence and pulling out their weapon when the other person is not armed. If they'd known they would lose their job,their house, their car from inappropriate use of guns and force a bunch of black people plus Justine might still be alive.

In the end, I don't think we're going to turn the corner on Blue Lives Matter Most until a middle class white man with a family is "accidentally" shot to death by a white male police officer....maybe a few of them.  

In turn, I think black and brown deaths will decrease at that point as a matter of happenstance -- white folks taking care of themselves. However the underlying white supremacy, the reason behind white cops finding black people to harass and shoot over nothing, still has to be addressed separately.

You cannot usually fix social problem X and expect problem Y to be completely eliminated. Therefore, white supremacist attitudes, intentional and unintentional, in white people have to be addressed and corrected by white people.

There is no escaping this.