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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Republicans voted to re-open the debate on Obamacare yesterday. And it looks like they're just going to take it away on piece at a time until, eventually, all 32 million people predicted to lose healthcare -- lose it. They cannot agree on a REPLACEment. So they must be focused on REPEAL -- by hook or by crook.

And as the article states below, the most important thing to Mean Tangerine is removing anything that is associated with President Obama (in additional to getting rich people their tax money back out of Obamacare.)

And Trump just proved, yet again, that he's an obsessed racist idiot. At a Boy Scout Jamboree where he was speaking he said something like "President Obama never came to one of these right?"

This lowlife is president. And in low-life fashion he treated John McCain's military service like it was nothing. He made some crack about McCain being a loser because he was a prisoner of war. So it's all the more galling that McCain decided, as he's probably dying, to be a hero to the republican party by uniting with the worst of them to get rid of anything with Obama'a name on it without making sure there's a replacement.
Feeling Rebloggy
John McCain is no hero—he did a heroic thing 40 years ago in Vietnam, which is worth noting, but his political career, capped off by this cowardly health care vote, is a testament to how one tough act can cover up decades of spineless political chicanery.
Today’s health care vote is a procedural one, but it is important in the Republicans’ long war against President Barack Obama. (You don’t really think this is about health care, do you?) If the Senate can cobble together 50 votes (52 senators are Republican), they will pass a “motion to proceed.” Then...
There’s one definite “no” already—Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine)—and other possible “no” votes from Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Ark.). So it’s pretty clear that, had McCain stayed in Arizona for his medical treatment and missed the vote, the GOP would have no chance of moving this horrible legislation forward.
There’s a difference between doing a heroic thing and being a hero, and John McCain has blurred that line longer than Robin Thicke after a weekend bender.
McCain was a prisoner of war for five years in Vietnam; that alone doesn’t make you a hero. What made McCain heroic in that instance was that he could have been released early by the Vietnamese because his father was an admiral in the Navy, and McCain said no. He wouldn’t trade off his dad’s name while his fellow soldiers were still held captive. All credit to him for riding it out with his team, risking his life when he had a way out.
Too bad he hasn’t shown the same tendency toward policies facing the American people... 

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If John McCain had kept his @$$ in Arizona, the republicans would have had to make a deal with democrats on how to fix Obamacare or come up with something new -- which is what McCain professes to want.

Not that I think the democrats are all that lately. I mean, have you heard an idea about how to fix Obamacare from the left?

Have you heard democrats talking about the REAL core problem within this debate? Healthcare COSTS are the issue. If medicaid spending is up 70% over X years and its' tied to healthcare costs rising, then healthcare costs are up 70% too --even if that rise is hidden in the reduction of services healthcare insurance that companies actually provide.

Aetna could afford to compensate its CEO to the tune of 17 million dollars in 2015 and rumored to letting him have 27 million since then...with stock options and such. When Aetna and other health insurers, can only afford to pay their CEO 1 million dollars per year maybe we'll be on track to make sure everybody can have healthcare. The republicans have come straight out and said they don't want any "artificial" competition (in the form of the public option) to affect rich health insurer's ability to become richer. But at least the republicans stand for something on this issue and have a position.

What do the democrats stand for lately?

There was a poll out the other day that said President Trump's rating was at an all time low for any president within....blah blah blah. He was at 36%. The bad news for the democrats within that same poll was that the public thought the dems only stood for standing against Trump -- which I thought was the good news despite the way the press played it up in television news. I mean, without being anti-Trump (which IS important) the democrats stand for nothing at all.

....just like John McCain From 2016

John McCain: Make-Believe Maverick

A closer look at the life and career of the candidate reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty