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Sunday, March 12, 2017


There's new video that's been obtained by Jason Pollack, maker of the documentary STRANGER FRUIT, that sheds light on the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

In the more than two years since Michael Brown's death thousands if not millions of people have seen the video that Ferguson Police trotted out as evidence that Mike Brown was a violent criminal who committed "strong arm robberies" -- a robbery his cop murderer knew nothing about at the time of the shooting.

Trying to find a good reason for Wilson to shoot Brown is explain why it took a month for Darren Wilson to construct and complete his final written report on what happened the day he killed Mike Brown.

The original video of Mike Brown shoving the clerk from the store was only ever character assassination. It was supposed to lend a tiny bit of credibility to the story that Mike Brown charged at white police officer Darren Wilson over a jaywalking beef.

I've always call the Ferguson police theory of the motive behind Mike Brown's murder the: N*GGERS ARE NATURALLY CRAZY AND VIOLENT EXPLANATION
  • Even if Brown HAD strong armed that store, nothing but mental illness would truly explain trying to reach inside a police officer's car and grab his gun....then, run, turn around, and charge him 
  • This only ever made sense in white supremacy soaked minds.

The original video clip was successful character assassination for whites only or whites predominantly. And now that original video clip isn't even good for that.

The new video associated with a new documentary called STRANGER FRUIT shows that Mike Brown was in the same store 11 hours before he was murdered by Darren Wilson.


1) The new film of the store, recorded near 1 AM the night before Brown was murdered, appears to show Brown giving three people behind the counter an object that they smelled (The narrator thinks Mike is giving them marijuana for trade.)

2) Appearing satisfied, the people behind the counter keep what Mike Brown gave him then hand Brown two boxes of cigarillos.

3) Mike Brown walks toward the exit but stops and turns back into the store.

4) Brown hands one of the three guys behind the counter the cigaillos back--like he asked them to hold the cigarillos until he could pick them up later.

Circumstantial evidence would suggest that Mike went to the store again,11 hours later, to pick up the cigarillos he already owned.  One could assume based on what happens next that there was some sort of misunderstanding which resulted in Brown shrugging off the man that grabbed him --the same man that never called the police about a robbery (It was a  customer saw what was going on and called police.)  

If I didn't see gambling as setting my hard earned money on fire I'd bet that this was a family owned shop; that the kids bought the marijuana for cigarillos during the night watch; and Dad didn't know what was going on the next day when Brown came to get payment. I'd bet that the Ferguson Police Department and law enforcement in St. Louis guessed at the same things...and didn't follow up.

Again, as I recall, during the INITIAL DAYS OF THE MIKE BROWN MURDER INVESTIGTION, it was clear that Wilson had NOT informed of this "misunderstanding" at the store before he shot Brown. Ferguson police later went back and forth on what Wilson knew and when as the weeks and the protests went on.
See the critical clip of the documentary below or at the NY TIMES link.

Mike Brown's family is due in Civil Court soon. I hope this film helps the Brown family take every bit of the millions of dollars that ABC paid Darren Wilson for his "story." May Wilson be a homeless, health insurance-less Chump supporter some day soon. I hope the Brown family can decimate the city of Ferguson financially too -- because those so-and-so-s knew about this new video. It's only new to us, the public.

But Jeff Sessions is our top cop right now. Darren Wilson will likely skate.