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Saturday, May 13, 2017


Trump danced off the ends of his puppet strings again this week. Whoever is trying to shape this blob into a politician must be pulling his or her hair out.

If I was sitting in another country, I'd be watching this mess with a huge basket of popcorn on my lap.

But since I live here, I guess we'll have to laugh to keep from crying. Because I'm really wondering if may Twitter Wit really isn't too dumb to be able to take us from Kakistocracy through Silent Coup to Autocracy

A quickie review of the definitions:

This is in the order I heard stuff, not necessarily the exact order they happened. I just about fell out of chair with hysterical laughter when I read the first story about Trump firing the man investigating him. I had to read four different articles to make sure I hadn't stumbled onto a series of satire sites that look like real news sites.

Trump REALLY fired the FBI Director James Comey.
* * * * *
Unbeknownst to us, our democracy began unraveling again on Monday. 

Sally Yates was testifying about how Trump knew Flynn was Russia-compromised before he made him the head of the NSA. (And that was actually a big deal on Monday. But Trump hadn't done the equivalent of screaming YOU'RE FIRED!!! yet ---like he used to do on that brain dead game show he used to star in) 
Meanwhile across town on that very same day, Trump was calling Attorney General Jeff Sessions (who isn't allowed anywhere near the Russia investigation) Sessions understudy, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to come meet him at the White House. 
But Cheeto Satan and the Upper Level Satanettes wouldn't tell anybody about this meeting until they were being squeezed.

On Tuesday,  out of the blue, Trump fires FBI Director  James Comey, the same James Comey that's investigating Trump's White House for collusion with Russia in taking the White House.  

This is like Darren Wilson standing up during his own murder trial and saying to the judge, "You're FIRED!"  minutes after that same judge dismisses the murder case against him yet brings the hammer down on that parking ticket Wilson's grandma got last month.
 (Yeah, that murder trial never happened at all. But a girl can fantasize if she wants to.)

To make matters even more insane, in the "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" LETTER, Trump thanks Comey for "informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation"

In Trump's YOU'RE FIRED!!! LETTER, it says the Department of Justice recommended Comey be fired.
 To me"DOJ recommended" is synonymous with "DOJ Attorney General Jeff Sessions recommended" Comey be fired. This would be the same Jeff Sessions that was forced to recuse himself from the Russia investigation when he gave misleading answers on Russia.

THE WHITE HOUSE SAYS: It was not Jeff Sessions but his employee Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein that recommended Comey be fired -- for his incompetent handling of Hillary Clinton's e-mails just before the election....which handed Trump the election, which Trump praised Comey for over and over.  (This is when I found out about the Monday meeting between Trump, Rosenstein, and little Jeffy Sessions.)


Okay. Sooo.... 
We were supposed to believe that Rosenstein recommended Comey be fired, independent of his boss, Jeff Sessions?
Even though Jeff Sessions was present when Rosenstein talked to the president the day before Trump fired Comey?
We were supposed to believe Mighty Mouse Sessions had nothing to do with this? 
When people tell me lies this transparent, I usually hear the unspoken "Yes, I'm lying. You can't do anything about it. So what?" The underlying "Screw you and the horse you rode in on too"  message rarely gets any clearer than this 

In this quote, Spicer says it was all Rosenstein:

"White House spokesman Sean Spicer initially denied on Tuesday night that Trump had any involvement in Rosenstein’s decision to lay out the case for Comey’s firing. Spicer cast Trump as merely following through on the recommendation of a trusted subordinate. “President Trump acted based on the clear recommendations of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” Spicer said in a statement.
“It was all him,” Spicer added late Tuesday. “No one from the White House. That was a DOJ decision.”" [And Vice President Pence echoed this] 

Various News Outlets:  They say Rosenstein sent a letter threatening to resign if the White House does not make it clear that the decision to fire Comey was not his. Rosenstein denies this the same day or the next day.


Next thing  you know, the White House is changing its story....for some reason.

Maybe this was NOT because Rosenstein was threatening to throw gasoline on the fire. Maybe it really wasn't. Maybe. (HAH!!!!) 

Spicer has already told detailed lies about who initiated Comey's firing and has had his lies echoed by Vice President Pence. So Spicer cannot go out and try to backtrack the old lie and trot out the new one -- as he has in the past. (Maybe he cannot face Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live when the size of the lie is THIS BIG.
The Press really would have ripped him to shreds, doh...)

Okay. So the jackals decide to send out Spicer's understudy. Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the one thrown to the press wolves next.

She tells the new lie:  
Huckabee Sanders says, The people under Comey at the FBI don't like Comey.  (Spicer's Understudy) says, “The rank and file of the FBI had lost confidence in their director.”

 It seemed to me Huckabee-Sanders was busted IN MINUTES, but I know it was longer -- within a 24 hour news cycle, maybe. 

During testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe directly contradicted her [testifying] "Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI and still does to this day,"

Trump himself later answers a question about why he fired Comey. He calls Comey  "a showboat" and a "grandstander"  

This level of hypocrisy should temporarily suspend God's free-will rule and earn a human being an old testament style bolt of lightening direct from heaven aimed dead at the offending hypocrite's ass.

Various News Outlet say Comey wouldn't share his March testimony with Trump's White House  before he said it -- which is a standard courtesy. 

But it's not standard to be investigating those in the White House for stealing the White House with Russia's assistance. The testimony Comey gave in March made it clear Trump was lying about Obama having wire-tapped him.

Various New Outlets say Comey wouldn't kiss the ring and swear loyalty to Trump personally (instead of just being loyal to the country). 
This supposedly happened sometime in late January, not long after Trump was sworn in

Twitter Wit, who still hasn't gotten over thinking he's king, comes out with a piece of the truth,  when says he was going to fire Comey "regardless"   He says this in an interview with Lester Holt: 

Lester Holt: “Monday, you met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Did you ask for a recommendation?”
Trump: “What I did was, I was going to fire. My decision.”
Holt: “You’d made the decision before they came into the room?”
Trump: “I was going to fire Comey. There’s no time to do it.”
Holt: “In your letter, you said, ‘I accept their recommendation.’ ”
Trump: “Oh, I was going to fire, regardless of recommendation. He made a recommendation, he’s highly respected — very good guy, very smart guy. And the Democrats like him, Republicans like him. He made a recommendation, but regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey.”

This just lends credence to the theory that Trump made a Nixonian move to get rid of the person investigating him.
All this did was make sure that thinking-people think , 'Where there's smoke, there's fire.'  
With a republican dominated House, a republican dominated Senate, and his mini-me, mighty mouse, crony running the Department Of Justice, Cheeto Satan was pretty much in the clear no matter WHAT the H*LL he and his upper level Satan-ettes actually did with Russia. 
With the power so unbalanced in Washington, all Cheetto had to do was shut his pie hole. 
Shutting up was all that was required.   
That's all.
When Trump went on television with Lester Holt, all he had to do was repeat the lie. 
The lie didn't have to make sense. The rabid dog republicans under Ronald Reagan  and stayed in office all the way through Clinton I proved this over and over again. Something blew up in their faces? All they did was repeat the same lie over and over again, no matter what anybody asked them. Then they stopped talking until the scandal X died. Then again, they didn't do anything nearly so drastic as...


Let me say this again: 

We can all agree that Trump wants Russia probed done and we all know that's likely because he's embarrassed by the scandal that won't die. But there's likely more to it than that. There's layers to the shallowness with DJ The Chump -- each one of the layers having to do with his ego.  But like I said before,  with Twitter Wit you almost have to look at what was happening the day before he went ballistic.

Sally Yates was handing Trump his head in testimony the day before he fired Comey. She made it clear Trump knew Flynn was compromised before he made Flynn head of the NSA. And Obama hired Comey. Trump is obsessed with removing anything Obama touched because Trump a simple minded racist.  

I've gone over this before: 



I'll add this to my Trump The Egomaniac Is Mad-Petty List:  Comey is noticeably taller than Trump and he makes little Jeffy Sessions look like a midget. Comey walking into a room, having been hired by a black man, probably makes both of Trump and Mini-me feel like their wieners are shriveling to nothing.  

This would tend to mean that it's entirely possible Trump has told the truth at least once since becoming president. It's probably true that he's been thinking about firing Comey for months.  

That witch Anne Coulter could also be right in that Trump is trying to distract low-brow, low-level Cheeto Satanettes' mind off the fact that BUILD THAT WALL is going no where fast.
But I don't think she is right. Cheeto and the Upper Level Satanettes seemed to have no clue that firing Comey was going to create a political sh** storm that it has. One cannot plan to cover up no movement on BUILD THAT WALL with a sh** storm  if you don't know you are creating a sh** storm
...because you assume everybody is just going to roll over.
One tends to assume that everybody else is just gonna roll over when one speaks when one assumes that one is of just president. 
Now Trump is talking about never talking directly to the press. Because he doesn't think he and the Upper Level Satanettes should have to keep all the lies straight?

Can you believe this all started with "BUT HER E-MAILS?"

This all started with Comey taking a second swipe at Hillary Clinton's internet and e-mail security. 

By the way, I'm going to try to not under estimate the power of a scandal to knock out a viable candidate again. E-mail-gate has to be the stupidest fake scandal in history. I just wasn't paying attention  just made zero sense to blame Clinton personally, no matter what got accidentally leaked.  It's not even close to logical.
Comey could never have believed that Hillary put something on Anthony can't-keep-it-in-his-pants OR off-his-cell-phone Weiner's computer on purpose.  

  • UNLESS, Comey believed ex- National Security Advisor Flynn's son (and probably Flynn too) when he said Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of pizza pallor. (Yeah, Flynn and Flynn's son sound like they are crazy breitbart conspiracy nuts. But I don't think Comey is at all.)  

Even if Clinton's mistake had landed something sensitive on Weiner's computer --and I still don't understand how that happened, even by accident-- Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, Presidents Bush 1 & 2, President Obama  never should have had the power to establish their own internet and telephonic security in the first place. 
Am I right? 
Why would a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT let each Secretary and Senator and Congressman choose their own internet, phone, and e-mail security personnel and then have each team come up with independent internet, phone, and e-mail security game plans? How does this make sense as fast as hackers step up their game?  How?   
This was a stupid tech security plan. It is a stupid tech security plan. It will always be a stupid tech security plan. Ugh. Maybe somebody is fixing this behind the scenes where hackers can't hear what's going on. (HAAAA! No. I don't really believe this)   

We really can't feel that sorry for Comey, in the end. 

We wanted his head on a stick for screwing up the election and making Trump president. But that was back in October, November, December, and January. It became too late to put his head on a stick once he was in the middle of investigating Trump.  I mean, it's not like he's Steve Bannon or Paul Ryan or one of the other upper level members of the Kakistocracy.  
To be honest, once the Russia investigation was done and Trump was impeached in say...June of 2018-- I'd have been open to revisiting the topic of firing Comey. There's no way anybody is that dumb -- contacting congress in the middle of a re-opened investigation that's likely going NO WHERE anyway. He did this just before an election.

Then again, I'm still having a problem buying into white reasoning on why Hillary is not president right now.

Even after all that's happened, I really, Really, REALLY cannot wrap my head around "BUT HER E-MAILS..." as the reason Trump is president now.

Trump's 96% no-buyer's-remorse among his base tells me --after all his failures-- confirms for me that what I've been telling you for the last few months is correct: 


Even white researchers are coming to this conclusion-- while managing to avoid the actual words "white" and "supremacist." 

Trump is president because those of us on the left didn't have enough votes to jump the majority white supremacist vote. 

And we on the left couldn't jump the white supremacist vote because Bernie Sanders pulled the Obama-ish multi-ethnic, multi-racial coalition apart by just enough.

And to tell the truth just one more time? For some of us that are black and brown, the only thing that's wrong with the nationalistic, misogynistic, white supremacist capitalism is the "white" part. Aside from internalized racism, that's the only other reason I can think of why 13% of black men, 3% of black women, and a whopping ____% of Latino men voted for Trump.

And, to tell an even uglier truth, a lot of blacks and browns didn't go and vote like they did for Obama. A lot of blacks and brown were sitting around thinking: "There's no difference between Hillary and Trump." <---Never heard something so foolish out of my own people in such large numbers before. Never.  White supremacy is not one size fits all. There are differing levels. And the same white person will act in differing ways depending on context.

And the context was that Hillary was following Obama. She was relatively safe for us --- but she probably won't be if she follows Trump.  Bernie won't be that safe either.  

 We need a people of color led coalition of voters on the left behind a person of color presidential candidate. I'm sooo over explaining subtler forms of racism to people like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Like the Bernie Bros and Bro-ettes like to say, "Bernie walked with MLK"  If he ain't learned yet, he's not gonna. When he changes all the financial things around in the country (as if he could rapidly) he'd be shocked when black people were still stuck...because white people who do NOT recognize themselves as white supremacists would find a way to block black and brown people from a rearrangement of the national finances -- as usual because white supremacy is real on the left TOO!

Again, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for that matter, are all telling that white working class lie to cover for Trump voters. Those low-brow, low-level Satan-ettes voted for white supremacy because they swill it for breakfast -- even the white researchers have spoken on this (better late than never).

We need a people of color led coalition of voters on the left behind a person of color presidential candidate.