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Monday, June 5, 2017



When motives don't matter.

And the only time motives don't matters is when the dead are predominantly black and brown....or just plain not-white

Apparently Trump went nuts on twitter over the weekend because there's been another terrorist attack in Britain in the wake of Brexit. 

And it looks like he may have undermined the Supreme Court case on his Muslim Ban by calling it "a ban," something his representatives have been trying to deny over and over and over again.  

In suggesting that his revised immigration order, which excluded Iraq from the list of banned countries and removed language that appeared to give preference to Christian refugees, was only a "watered down" version of the first one, Trump was actually contradicting arguments the Department of Justice had made before appeals courts.

The tweets "undercut the government's arguments that the administration only promulgated the bans to allow for 'extreme vetting' of visa applicants, and show that the president still thinks of the orders as a continuation — though now 'watered down and politically correct' — of his call for a Muslim ban," said William Stock, the president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

The only "political correctness" Trump needs to worry about is the press calling the "MUSLIM BAN" anything but  "MUSLIM BAN" -- a ban he claimed was necessitated by his administration need to take 90 days to review the refugee vetting process already in place.

Well it's been 90 days. Why haven't they evaluated what they need to evaluate already? 

And if some aspect of the Hawaii Court's block of MUSLIM BAN 2 is stopping the White House from reviewing the vetting of refugees already in place, then the Supreme Court should release a piece of the Hawaii block and keep the other judge's blocks of MUSLIM BAN 2 in place. 

You know that 90 day review is not going to be good enough for Twitter Wit and the rest of Gangsta Whiteness Inc, right?  You now  that stated goal is a lie and always was, right?  
The real goal is to
keep those non-whites outta here.  

Trump told the truth on the campaign trail and now he can't un-tell it. I'm hoping Roberts, the swing vote on the Supreme Court is paying attention toe Trump's latest round of hate based tweets.
DJ Trump and Teresa May

We haven't found out who did latest terrorist attack in London. But I'm expecting (or hoping) that we'll see the same thing we've seen over the last few years.  Most of the terrorist attacks carried out by MINOs (Muslims In Name Only) in Britain and Europe were carried out by men who have been living in the country for a decade or two and/or are the male children of people who have been in the country for X years. 

In other words, the refugees Trump is trying to MUSLIM BAN have not been shown to be a threat to anyone.

The biggest threat that white dominated Europe and the white dominated United States refuse to face is that hate begets hate --especially when men feel powerless.

I just watched an award winning chuck flick (as opposed to a "chick flick") where the depressed, upset white man whose life has spiraled out of control after an accident starts bar fights because he can't cry. This out of control, unprovoked violence in the bar happens at the beginning and end of the movie -- both time to signalling the white man's unbearable grief.
I watched the whole movie. And that was difficult. It was hurdle for me to get past the white man walking away from three counts of manslaughter because he's white.
Most importantly, there's no question in my mind that extreme grief is what the director meant to convey about the main character over the course of the two movies, and especially in the two bar fight scenes. Our hearts are supposed to break for this character. And mine did. The movie was well done.

  • Do you understand how screwed up the truth displayed in this movie is?

Do you also understand only white men get understanding and zero jail time when they are violent because they're upset and unable to express emotions honestly?  

In the same movie, when the teenage boy starts to cry over the death of his father, his uncle asks if he's having "a nervous breakdown."  The uncle then screams at the boy, asking him if he needs to go to the hospital over the "nervous breakdown." (This represents the second time this accusation is made, when extreme emotion is in the offing over the death of the brother/father)

When men get upset about not being able to control life, they become violent if no other outlet is available. That's real. That's why in our real world, when the economy of any western country goes down the number of females dead due to domestic violence goes up.  (I don't think this is limited to western countries. But I don't know for sure0

When white men are violent because something about their life is beyond their control, we are supposed to feel empathetic and cry with them -- instead of understanding that the western concept of masculinity is just as broken as everyone else's.

So maybe when MINO men are oppressed they are just as open to the opportunity to be violent?  Violence is way for men to "get their manhood back" in the toxic masculinity way of thinking -- no matter where a man lives or what color his skin is.

I keep wondering if CINO (or atheist) black and latino men would be doing the same thing as MINO terrorists and CINO terrorist white men (police murderers and mass shooters) if there was an actual terrorist organizations in Africa and Mexico that were culturally close enough to speak into the feelings of weakness that come when the male half of a demographic is oppressed.  

Resentment + toxic masculinity =  violence in all sizes, shapes, and shades of men.
Hate+ toxic masculinity = violence in all sizes, shapes, and shades of men
Right now, white men resent the feeling that the people they consider not-white are taking over. So, the violence has begun. Hate crimes aren't collectively seen as acts of terrorism though.


In an attempt to slow the hate begets hate downward spiral Britain's leader, Theresa May, has been calling on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to stop terrorists from making use of their networks.

I am assuming May is asking social media platforms to stop terrorist from fanning the flames of hate as I cannot imagine a terrorist can directly recruit and train on those platforms. (I'd like to hope the standards for what's allowed on various social media aren't that loose.)


How is it white folks like her and slew of white Americans on this side of the pond understand that hate begets hate when MINO terrorists are shooting at white folk, blowing up white folk, and running white folk down in the street,  but it's "free speech" when the Dylan Roofs and Ray Tensings (killed Sam DuBose) are waving confederate flags on facebook?

How is it Facebook doesn't understand how so much of the hate speech it allows (after black and brown people complain) is contributing to the ambient racism and ambient sexism that encourages violence in white men like: 

Dylann Roof  (Murdered nine black church goers waving confederate flags on facebook)
Darren Wilson (Mike Brown's murderer)
Ray Tensing (Sam DuBose's murderer, who wore a confederate t-shirt under his uniform -- which won't be considered evidence during his re-trial) 

Dylann Roof is and meant to be a terrorist aimed at black people.

White policemen like Daniel Pantaeleo, 
Dante Servin,  Lucas SalzmanDarren Wilson, Ray Tensing, Michael Slager, Timothy Loehmann, Jason Van Dyke, Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II, the slew of officers that killed Miram Carey, and cop wanna-be George Zimmerman and the white juries that exonerate them are a source of terror for black and brown people.  

So how is it Donald Trump, 

Theresa May and their ilk
DO GET that the hate which
Facebook and Twitter let float
through their networks "as free speech" 

is bad
when it results in the deaths of

white people.

that 20% 30% or 80% of everything
black and brown people complain about

on facebook as "racist" is 
creating enough ambient hate
to actually kill black an brown people?

And, by the way, how is it 20%, 30%, or 80% of everything on Breitbart is not considered part of hate begetting hate?

It's amazing how much understanding May and Trump have of hate begetting hate on social media -- for so long as white people are the ones targeted.

The white supremacy is obvious when you see how differently white leaders respond to threats and attacks on their racial own. Don't let anybody tell you white people aren't tribal. 

During trials in the United States, even the motives of murderers don't matter if the murder victim is black. 
Ray Tensing is on video lying about the fact that he thought he was being dragged by Sam DuBose's car. Tensing's first jury couldn't come to a conclusion. Last month, the judge just removed from evidence the confederate flag t-shirt Tensing was wearing under his police uniform because it's "too inflammatory"

I hope we don't see another terrorist forever. But whenever we next put some of these MINO terrorists on trial, will their claims of being associated with ISIS/ISIL be "too inflammatory" as well?   
How do you remove potential motive from evidence -- when you have a video that shows there was no reason for Tensing to shoot DuBose? This judge has effectively left the jury with no motive EXCEPT Tensings *I was scared...*  
(* The only time claims of he-man masculinity are thrown aside by a white man is when he is on trial for murdering an unarmed black person while in a  cop uniform, yes?)

A lot of white people willfully do not recognize a hate motive until it's aimed at directly at them.

That's why this same subset of white people do not recognize that Muslim Ban 1, Muslim Ban 2, and Brexit are seen as fear based hate in the eyes of most black and brown people -- especially those darker skinned and male, since they are targeted more frequently.

I know Trump will never catch on, but I'm wondering if May will ever figure out that she needs to make peace with people that feel ostracized.

We will always going to have discontented groups, whether they are actually oppressed or not.
  • After all, white cops aren't oppressed, yet they're terrorizing black and brown people in the U.S. with protection provided by the majority of white faces in high places....who will select the right white jury for them  
But if you tone down the hatred on the white side, the lunatic** fringe inside those populations will be less likely to pop off.  (**Not-white people can be mentally ill too)

Yes, stopping hate begetting hate through our social media is important. And, recognizing the hate coming from white folks toward others on a day to day basis is important too. But the most important aspect of reducing hate begetting hate is... 

Don't Start Nuthin Won't Be Nuthin. 

If western countries, led by the U.S., hadn't started the Iraq War, ISIS/ ISIL wouldn't exist. If there wasn't ISIS / ISIL there be fewer 50 year old MINO terrorists in middle eastern countries communicating via social media to male teens and 20 year old MINO men, talking these young men into killing themselves in order to prove their masculinity (hyper and toxic, both).


Am I the only one waiting for MINO terrorists to feel scarier than White Cops  --whether they be CINO, Atheist, Or Otherwise? 


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