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Saturday, April 29, 2017


Trump thought signing all those executive orders REALLY meant something. A majority of them meant nothing at all. And some of the rest of them were blocked immediately.

Except for getting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and bombing a Syrian Airport (that was still functional the next day), Trump's presidency has been nothing but a series of fumbles, stumbles, and idiocy. 

* * * *
The images that follow are not necessarily in order by date.

Even if chuckle-head turns out to be right about a military approach toward North Korea, I still don't trust him to zig when he should zig and zag when he should zag. 
If a white country was next door to North Korea, I wouldn't worry so much. But an Asian country being next door to one of our enemies? Um...I hope China and South Korea know how white supremacy works over here. Because DJ the Chump will start WWIII without even blinking. 

You know what else? Part of me thinks the Carl Vinson wasn't misplaced at all. I think somebody well below Trump and his clueless minions made sure the "Armada" didn't go straight to North Korea at that critical moment.  

* * * * * 

The only area Trump hasn't stumbled is in MAKING AMERICA WHITE AGAIN while providing his racist supporters cover in the form of renaming them "white working class."


* * * * *

Bernie Sanders is one of the major reasons we're in the position we're in right now. 

I knew we would only get about 1/3 of white people voting for Hillary (and it was higher at 37%). I knew it would take most of black and brown folk plus at least 1/3 of white people to beat the MAJORITY OF WHITE PEOPLE and keep Trump out of office.

We all should have known this because that's how President Obama one TWICE.

But the self-centered jackass pictured below took votes away from the best TRUMP-BLOCK we had in 2016. 

He lost the primary. Then he didn't throw his support behind Hillary Clinton until too late. And now he defends the white racists that voted for Trump using the same words that Trump uses,  “white working class.”

Nobody except the one-percent, the one-percent adjacent, and the misogynists had any business voting for Trump. Everybody that  voted for Trump? It was mostly the MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN campaign that won them over. Anybody who can't see that by now is deaf, dumb, and blind to white supremacy by choice

If white racism was real to Bernie are his Bros they'd have known what was at stake in 2016. Trump was openly racist in ways we hadn't seen in decades. Even the KKK got the message and officially supported Trump. Why didn't Bernie and his wrapped in liberal whiteness bros and bro-ettes get the white supremacist messages from Trump? Not loud enough?  

When Sanders lost the primary and didn't handoff to Hillary WHEN he was supposed to, that led to people at the DNC to start scrambling, making stupid, possibly illegal mistakes trying to force the party to forward to the goal of defeating Trump.

Yeah, the DNC wronged him. But Sander's self-centered Jackass-ed-ness STARTED the rift on left that allowed CHUMP to win. This racism-deaf-dumb-and-blind egomaniac should have let go before we got to the Democratic Convention.

Black women voters were the only one who said, "Screw butt hurt Bernie," sucked it up, got over not liking Hillary, and threw their weight behind the best Trump Block available -- to the tune of 94%  And I've yet to meet the black woman who loves  Hillary's @$$.

But at least we know who Bernie Sanders is now:

1) Bernie thinks about Bernie. And he's as addicted to hearing his own cheering section as Trump is
  • In some ways, Trump and Sanders are flip sides of the very same coin. I was confused when I read that white folks out in the sticks were trying to choose between Sanders and Trump instead of Sanders and Hillary, but I'm not confused anymore.  
2) Sanders and Trump, both, do not think the Cheeto Satanettes are white supremacists first and everything else (including Christian) second
  • If Sanders understood the categories of NOT-WHITE  -(Blacks = not skin-white; Latinx = biologically impure even if skin-white; Muslim =  not WASP even when skin-white;  Asian = visibly different from Europeans even when skin-white) he'd understand that Trump is making good on MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN and that this is all that really matters to the Trump voters.  

    Illegal Immigration is a source of desperate people And there have been times when California was trying to get Mexicans here by hook or by crook

  • Illegal Immigration is a Source Of Cheap Labor (and Scapegoats every election season) 
  • Desperate people are the next best thing to slaves for cheap labor for the one percent
  • Cheap labor is the average Americans's source of cheap food, cheap housing, cheap clean up at tourist traps 
  • Cheap Food, Housing, Clean up at Tourist Traps = Strong support California's Tourist Industry 
  • Economically healthy California = cheap food produced for the rest of the country. 
In short, you change illegal immigration too fast we all die because we can't afford to eat apples that cost $10 each and everything else will wind up costing even more. 

Apparently none of the real republican politicians gave Trump the memo that said: 

"We republicans love Illegal Immigrants. We're not as rich as the one-percent. But we're one-percent adjacent and we will be one-percenters one day -- once we change a bunch of laws in our own favor. We love undocumented workers. LOVE THEM. We make undocumented workers work for us for practically nothing and keep a bunch of profit in our pockets that we would have to spend on benefits and breakrooms and sh**. We only say we hate them on TV, dude."


If Trump somehow manages to get the white 1% tax dollars out of Obamacare while keeping Obamacare mostly intact, Obamacare will become "Trumpcare" and the Cheeto Satanettes will be happy not to have N-wordCARE in place anymore...right up until they go to the hospital and find out they aren't covered for something critical 


Don't believe that white racism is the answer to this riddle? Go check out old videos from late night television where white folks claim to hate Obamacare but love the Affordable Care Act when they are one and the same. 
All THOSE PEOPLE are saying is I hate BLACK-MAN-CARE...which is why I always call the Affordable Care Act by it's nickname Obamacare.    

Bernie Sanders doesn't believe in the subtler forms of white supremacy either. He's made this clear again and again. Furthermore, he is completely sure that fixing how  money flows in this country will fix EVERYTHING because, again, racism is not real to him. But it won't. 

If he were to put a program together for the poor, somehow the white poor would wind up benefiting while everyone else was mostly left behind because...WHITE SUPREMACY IS REAL, UNACKNOWLEDGED, AND EVER PRESENT IN THE HEART OF THE MAJORITY OF WHITE AMERICANS.   

If Bernie can't see or hear white racism that's not a cross burning on a lawn or a n-word hurled from the right, then he's not the right leader for a country damn near 1/3 black and brown.

We need a political party that is made up of most of the people of color and 1/3 of the white people. If we all go to the polls UNITED, we win....and we win every time. TRUMP and the Cheeto Satanettes know this. This is why they are so united no matter how ridiculous their leader is.

There are photos of Trump, praising himself like a five year old who won a spelling bee, as he gives out images of his electoral map showing how many red states he won (because he's insecure over losing the popular vote).

You think I'm kidding, don't you?

Read the latest here:
This tendency [to brag about the electoral college vote] popped up most recently in an interview with Reuters this week, during which the president interrupted a conversation about Chinese President Xi Jinping to distribute copies of a voter map with the areas he had won colored in red. Here’s how Reuters described it:
“Here, you can take that, that’s the final map of the numbers,” the Republican president said from his desk in the Oval Office, handing out maps of the United States with areas he won marked in red. “It’s pretty good, right? The red is obviously us.” 

He is humiliating. It is humiliating for him to be president of the country we live in. But at least there are signs he's getting predicted.


Donald Trump thought leading the country would “be easier”: “This is more work than in my previous life”

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