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Saturday, July 15, 2017


How Russia surpassed Germany to become the racist ideal for Trump-loving white supremacists

Following the chaos of the Soviet dissolution in the 1990s, Putin’s kleptocracy has restored the state to domestic primacy. Moreover, Putin has positioned Russia as a leader for those in the West attempting to roll back liberal policies, from abortion and LGBT rights to dissolving the distance between church and state. Meanwhile, Moscow has been busily cultivating relationships with far-right groups in Europe, from radical right-wingers in Hungary to Marine LePen, one of the front-runners for the upcoming French presidency.
But links between Moscow and America’s white supremacy movement are far deeper than approving rhetoric. Spencer, for instance, who has said that he “admire[s]” Putin and who has called to break up NATO, also helped organize a 2014 conference in Hungary that was slated to feature, of all people, Alexander Dugin. A political philosopher, Dugin is both an erstwhile Kremlin confidant and the progenitor of modern “Eurasianism,” which places, in part, Russia as the center of global anti-liberalism. Dugin, whose Foundations of Geopolitics continues to be assigned to every member of Russia’s General Staff Academy, was unable to attend the conclave in Hungary due to Western sanctions. But Spencer nonetheless remains married to one of Dugin’s English translators.
Traditionalist Worker Party leader Heimbach—who has led rallies featuring both Confederate and Russian imperial flags flying side-by-side—

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It’s Putin’s World

How the Russian president became the ideological hero of [white] nationalists everywhere
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Those four headlines alone should be telling you quite a few things:

1) Germany is no longer the white supremacists wet dream because they produced Hitler. Russia has won title as the heavy weight champion for white nationalism. 
2) Trump is being consistent in his dedication to Russia --no matter how ugly the investigations get in the United States-  because he is lovingly attached to anything that has to do with white supremacy because 

  • a) that's who he is
  • b) that's who most of his base is

3) Our white run news reporting agencies are failing us.

The reporting on Trump's Russia-behavior is completely nonsensical without mentioning Alt-Right, KKK, and other white nationalists love of all things Russian. 

Therefore, those connections need to be explained every single time Trump plays kissy face with Putin because Trump's dedication to Putin despite all the investigations into his campaign makes no sense without mentioning Trump's white supremacist supporters.

The Reality Television Star President doesn't move unless applause are guaranteed from the Trumpthuglicans. And white supremacy is the glue that holds Trump's party together right now.

So the one-percenters coming for the white poor, white middle class, and white upper middle class doesn't matter. White-like-me matters. EPA making the air unfit to breath doesn't matter, white-like-me matters. Some 22 million people losing healthcare doesn't matter, white-like-me matters. 

Logic is not going to work on the people that voted for Trump because logic is not what led them to Trump.

Trump's approval ratings improved with every ethnorcist statement he made EVEN WHEN the things he was talking about would hurt non-rich whites too.

White people wanting to feel powerful 
in their white supremacy over non-white others 
even if that means supporting Russia's efforts 
to destroy this country --and that's what 
election hacking does, destroy-- 
is not out of white character.

Cutting off your nose to spite you face is white behavior that is as old as this country
In the days of slavery, the white poor were being financially overrun by white plantation owners. Their small farms were being driven under by big plantations. 
You'd think that would mean that white people would be anti-slavery since free labor is what makes your competitor rich. But that's not what happened 
The white poor-er people, for the most part, turned in slaves left,right, and center and called these actions lawful and moral because they thought their whiteness made them human-beings while black folks lack of white skin made them akin to animals.
If the 90% of the white non-slave owning public hadn't been so dedicated to their own white skin supremacy while being dirt poor then most slaves could have runaway to 90% of farms and towns in any given area. Slavery wouldn't have worked by race in this country if wasn't for the white poor. 
This represents dedication to your own white supremacy at your own financial expense.

The white-hate-group/Russia connection makes it even clearer to me that Hillary and Bernie, who were not a danger to people of color at the end of 2016, are a danger to us now. 

Like white run newspapers 
these two candidates 
(and most of the mostly white democratic party) 
STILL lean into 
the white middle class angst narrative 
of why 57% of white voters voted for Trump 
-- despite at least three studies indicating 
it was white supremacy 
that led white voters to Trump

If the white left insists on 

the same minimization 
of white supremacy motive 
as white run news organizations, 
then when the left goes after 
white voters in 2020, 
they are going to have to find 
covert ways 
to lean into white supremacy 
while making it look like 
they are after 
angsty white middle class voters

...because the white folks, even white supremacists, that voted for Obama out of desperation have now tasted Trump and may not be coming back to the democratic part any other way.

Anybody who thought there was no difference between Hillary and Trump in 2016 wasn't paying attention to differing levels of white supremacy. And those who didn't vote because they didn't see the difference have almost handed us their self-fulfilling prophecy because the Bernie Bros and the Hillary Sisters
1) are NOW scared of the white supremacists that they refuse to NAME as "white supremacists" due to getting trounced by Trump   
2) are, as always, in complete denial as to how strong a motivator white supremacy is 

The white left 
is always perfectly capable 
of moving white, if not right, 
whether they admit it to themselves or not. 
But letting the flames of conservatism rise 
is never in our best interest. 

White supremacy 
runs MORE OF US down 
and runs us down FASTER 
under white conservatives 
white progressives

President Obama left us a progressive blowing wind when he left office. This means Hillary The Weather Vane would have turned into that progressive wind same as she and her husband turned into a more overtly white right supremacist republican wind in the 1990s. 

Hillary was the safe bet in Election 2016. But she's probably not safe now. White progressives want to think that there's been some big misunderstanding between themselves and their white neighbors, white friends, white parents, white brothers, white sisters, and white grandparents.

There hasn't been. The white folks that voted for Trump are afraid alright. They're afraid of being out-numbered by non-white people and non-male people. 

Trump learned just how deep the white supremacy went when he led the BIRTHER MOVEMENT against Obama for the best part of 8 years. 

That's how he knew

1) "Illegal Alien Mexicans" are "rapists" would gain him votes not lose him votes with the white majority

2) "Muslim Ban"  would gain him votes not lose him votes with the white majority
3) "Build That Wall"  
would gain him votes not lose him votes with the white majority
4) To hell with refugees from non-white countries would gain him votes not lose him votes with the white majority

All of these positions mean keep the non-white people out. And Russia being isolationist plays into the same sort of authoritarian white folks thinking they should be the "authorities" inside the authoritarianism. 

Baby Trump being in trouble right now should be telling you just how little our laws actually mean. But, no matter what happens, Trump's presidency is not going to completely fall apart to the point that he leaves office until we separate Trump from his fanclub -- the white supremacists.

And the only way Chucklehead McTwitterwit's base stops cheering for him is if he is cornered into doing something that looks pro-black or pro-brown like having to appear human and voluntarily letting refugees in here or voluntarily putting some kind of immigration program in place that benefits non-whites or embraces Black Lives Matter.

Trump peeling away from white supremacy is the only thing that separates him from his base in my mind. And that's damn near impossible. And for long as he has a strong base most of his party are going to keep their one-percenter mouths shut because they're afraid of his base voting them out of a job.

We're screwed right now in case you hadn't noticed.

By not overcoming the white vote in 2016, we people of color shot ourselves in the foot. And now I'm wondering if we're going to be able to recover now that I see just how badly these white run newspapers are covering Trump. 

I thought white news coverage was bad before, but
now... It's alarming that some of these white men think they are being so heroic in standing up to Trump, the only thing standing between us and rumors, fake news, and propaganda....when they can't even face their own whiteness and help other white people see how it was investment in seeking to keep power associated with white skin-tone that put Trump in office. 

CONSISTENTLY UNDERESTIMATING white supremacy and consistently underestimating it's influence on white republican and white progressive voters, both, can only destabilize the country even further.  

The democrats, ostensibly, don't want to embrace bigotry.  But the white led democrats can't take aim at a problem unless they're willing to look it full in the face. And they're not willing.

White supremacy was so important to white voters...despite most of them being unconscious of their white supremacist leanings... that they voted in a man
1) who has bragged, in locker-room talk style, about being less than faithful to every wife he's had --except maybe Melania and he claims he's still grabbing p*****s.
2) who has bragged about his jumps through loop holes to not pay his fair share of taxes, 

3) is a card carrying racist who has not backed down off trying to have the Central Park 5 executed despite their being proved innocent via DNA and a confession.

4) who has an ex-wife describe him as raping her in a biography
Do you understand how dedicated to white supremacy the trumpthuglicans have to be when they relatively recently thought of themselves as a "silent moral majority" --- even the white Christians among them voted for a low-life like Chump? 
Don't ever think that white evangelicals are devoted to religion more than they are to whiteness either -- not when 81% of them voted for him. Even atheists that hate Christians have figured that much out.
Maybe the biggest thing you need to understand  is that the white run press, liberal and otherwise, is helping Trump when by failing to routinely connect the dots?  

Write them and complain whenever you can because leaving the "white" out matters. 

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