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Friday, July 21, 2017


I don't care about O J Simpson because O J Simpson hasn't cared about my black female @$$ or anybody who looks like me for the last 50 years. And his defenders aren't much better -- and that includes his female defenders. 

Yet, I did get a certain satisfaction out of today. And someone else expressed my feelings perfectly yesterday.

Tiffany Hobbs said,

Seeing white women ask black people to consider gender before color in regards to OJ's parole and Nicole and domestic violence.
And seeing black people go, NOPE, because we're beyond used to miscarriages of justice, as we know his first allegations in 1994 resulted in.

We're not happy about OJ but law is law, right? That's what white people scream

So we can appreciate 

a big ol sneaky f*ck you 
to the justice system 
like y'all do, too.

All I can say to that is "BOOM!"

...because this feeling of  "Oh well. That's too bad about the system letting him go. But, the law is the law. The system is not perfect"  has got to be how a large section of white tribe feels when they watch cops walk away from murder.  And that's just how I felt when OJ walked

And believe me white folks upset about O J walking free into a bunch of money only got 1/10th of the feeling black and brown folks feel every other week lately. 

At least OJ went to jail for 9 out of 33 years for a 2 year crime....but REALLY for Nicole Brown Simpon's murder.

O J Simpson is only the very latest addition to Got-Away-With-It Murderers Row. And all of those pictured below were cops at the time of their murders except Zimmerman. And they walked way after doing zero time.

So, I may not care about OJ's wife beating ass but I for damn sure don't care about the ALL LIVES MATTER trash either -- because they don't care about anybody but themselves. The aren't not fooling anyone.   

THE MURDERERS' VICTIMS starting in the top left corner, going clockwise, can be matched to their MURDERERS above 

Rekia Boyd
Trayvon Martin
Yvette Smith
Tamir Rice
Mike Brown
Alton Sterling
Sam DuBose
Philando Castile
John Crawford
Freddie Gray 1
Freddie Gray 2
Malissa Williams & Timothy Russel(both unarmed, both shot multiple times as cop stood on hood of car)
Terrence Crutcher
Miriam Carey (We'll never know what happened to this woman)

Ex- Officer Michael Slager, who killed Walter Scott and had a hung jury the first time, must be sitting in jail wondering why he took the plea bargain. Based on Ray Tensing's 2 hung jury trials despite a video of his lies, Slager should have rolled the dice. There's always a few white people unwilling to put a white man in jail over killing black person -- video or no dang video.